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In society we face many rules, some enforced by laws, some by social pressures. Do hold doors open for people, do say please dant thank you.

Some people choose not to abide by these rules, and they tend to be the ones who end up on the margins of society. And yet, when some pupils turned up incorrectly dressed, and were then sent home, all hell broke loose.

But how far do they want to go? Remember, the school is run by the headteacher, wxnt the parents. Matthew Tate needs to stand firm.

If uniofrm loses the uniform battle, Seeking sexual fantasay loses the respect war. Mary Cooperretired teacher and teaching assistant. I accept that when you have rules, they should be adhered to across the school. This is much easier for teachers, children and parents when the rules are simple, clear and fair.

If we insist on uniforms, they should be inexpensive and easy to find.

They also should be comfortable and appropriate for the weather and the size and shape of the child. I looked at the uniform requirements for the school in question and they seem fairly reasonable.

More schools requiring kids to wear uniforms despite inconclusive "It takes away the daily fashion show and helps level the playing field a. Personally, I would hate to wear uniforms, but only because I'm only 8 years out of high school and the thought of wearing a uniform again. What happens if your child doesn't wear their school uniform, what to do if you think your child's being discriminated against or you think the uniform should.

I also listened to the sant speaking on the radio, explaining his actions. What struck me was that he seemed to assume that all of the breaches of the uniform rule were deliberate acts of defiance.

The details may not have been understood: The money may not have been lpay. And even if it was simple defiance, is flexing your macho muscle and immediately jumping to a major sanction really the best way to deal with this?

There are alternatives. Let the children stay and reiterate the rules. Discuss it.

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School uniform. Discipline The head teacher can discipline your child for not wearing the school uniform. You may be able to get help with school uniform costs.

You might hate your school uniform, but I think it's there for good reason, says year-old Chloe Spencer. Rapper 50 Cent has taken criticism before for wearing Marine Corps . If wants to wear the uniform so badly, he needs to go to Parris Island see if . no and the Navy didn't get mad at the actors playing the Navy Officers. What happens if your child doesn't wear their school uniform, what to do if you think your child's being discriminated against or you think the uniform should.

Discrimination Schools can decide if girls can wear trousers, or if religious dress is allowed. Related content Apply for a primary school place Apply for a secondary school place Get help with school uniform costs Schools admissions.

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