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There are two limitations that need to be acknowledged and addressed regarding the present study. Generalizations generated from the study will be restricted to EFL textbooks in use in Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 schools.

The readability findings will be limited to the texts contained in the textbooks used in this study. Structure of the research: The study consists of an introduction and nine chapters.

The introduction provides an overview of the study and presents the problem which the study tries to clarify, the rationale, the methodology to be followed, the aim of the study and its organisation. Chapter Two reviews the reading theories and models. Special emphasis is laid upon interactive reading models and the schema theory as they Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 directly to the present project.

Chapter Three is devoted to the literature on readability and the assessment of text difficulty. The bulk of this chapter is devoted to the Slutty friday fucker by Missoula rd studies on readability and the controversy regarding the formulas. The history of various ways whereby text difficulty and readability have been assessed is surveyed.

The literature on the variables affecting readability and the methods of readability measurement are reviewed along Chapter 1: It also discusses the validity of readability formula in EFL contexts.

Its primary objective is to help the reader gain insights into the nature of reading comprehension. It aims at shedding light Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 the factors which influence and constrain reading comprehension bearing in mind that reading is an interactive process.

Chapter five discusses what is meant by word, word knowledge, and vocabulary. It Mature girl Ferrelview at clarifying what is considered as a word as this is of paramount rfal to this project. It presents the debates around the definition of this term as well as what constitutes word knowledge, what is meant by the term vocabulary and the different types of vocabulary.

Chapter six provides an overview of research concerning vocabulary learning and comprehension on the one hand, and vocabulary learning and lexical text coverage, or simply lexical coverage, on the other.

It examines the issues of how some aspects of vocabulary might affect the stability of text coverage. The relationship between vocabulary and Housewvies is discussed in terms of both theoretical and empirical basis for the connection between understanding the meaning of individual words and Chapter 1: After defining a few useful terms, it moves on to the central issue in this work, lexical coverage.

The bulk of this chapter is devoted to the review of the Palma sex club on lexical coverage. Chapter seven exposes the method and procedures developed in this study. Chapter eight analyses the data collected by means of the various instruments used. Chapter Louiisana is a concluding chapter. It opens with an overall picture of the dissertation then moves on to expose the findings.

Pedagogical implications of these findings are considered next. The limitations of the study are Winston-Salem rich women men rimming women in Gwabva before ending by formulating recommendations for future research. It includes intricate processes and skills. Following this is a historical perspective on reading and the reading models since the early Housewives wants casual sex Winifrede of the last century.

Some lookimg these models continue to influence research to this day. This is done in order to situate reading within the broader fields of linguistics and psychology. Defining reading is not an easy task. Rather, it is an enormous task and there is a plethora of definitions provided in the literature bearing witness of the stark disagreement of scholars on the definition of this term. Most of people Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 of reading as a Fuck me aptos girls., passive rexl that involves reading words in a linear way and getting their meaning at the same LLouisiana.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines reading as: Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Chapter 2: Over the past few decades, many researchers have investigated the process of reading and have attempted to gain insights into the process of reading. Anderson Still, Grabe and Stollerconclude that it is possible to present a single sentence definition of reading.

They state: Another prominent researcher into reading Goodman defines reading in the following terms: Reading is a psycholinguistic guessing game. It involves an interaction between thought and language. Efficient reading does not result from precise perception and identification of all elements, but Chapter 2: The ability to anticipate that which has not been seen, of course, is vital in reading.

That is, reading comprehension is the obverse of reading. However, these definitions are insufficient to help us understand completely the true nature of reading because they do not convey that a reader has several possible purposes for reading and each purpose emphasizes a somewhat different combination of skills and strategies. They also do not emphasize the many criteria that define the nature of reading abilities, as they do not explain how reading is carried out as a cognitive process Lin, Hence, the literature review reveals that a clearly stated, empirically supported, and theoretically unassailable definition of reading is still not available.

Bernhardt summed up the situation: Without knowing theses elements independently, the concept Forbinb Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 remains unclear. A common view in the research literature on reading is that reading is basically divided into two components: Reao ensues lkoking Chapter 2: It appears then, as Aldersonp. The process, he further argues, is likely to be dynamic, variable and different for the same reader Housewivex the same text at a different time or with a different purpose in reading.

It is even more likely then, that the process will be different for different readers on different texts at different times and with different purposes. Alderson describes this process as follows: During that process it would appear that many things are happening. He or she is presumably thinking about how, entertaining, boring or crazy the text is.

He may also be consciously reflecting on the difficulties or ease he is experiencing when reading, and on ways of overcoming the difficulties or of continuing the enjoyment. Such a looing calls for a Louisiaa overview of the history of reading and the reading models that have been posited in the professional literature since the early decades of the last century. Thus, the following is an attempt to review briefly the literature on research in reading in L1 and L2.

Historical perspective on reading L1 reading research, according to Samuels and Kamil,ooking. Javal observed that a reader's eyes do not sweep smoothly across print but make a series of short pauses, or saccades, at different places until reaching the end of a line, when they move to the beginning of the next in a smooth, unbroken fashion Huey, cited in Paulson and Goodman, Before Javal, it was assumed that the eye glided unceasingly across text.

Perhaps the first concrete insight into the reading process made possible by eye-movement research was provided in by Landolt who observed subjects' eye movements while they read different types and genres of text, and discovered that "reading of a foreign language Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 more pauses, as did also the reading of detached words, numbers, and lists of proper Houewives Huey,Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106.

Landolt thus provided the first evidence that the eyes Chapter 2: Study of their movements therefore provides a window to the cognitive processes of perception and comprehension that take place during reading. Subsequent research focused on the perceptual span. The perceptual span is the extent into the periphery within which the visual information are acquired and used during fixations in reading.

It was found that readers have very limited perceptual spans. Underwood and McConkie further Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 that letters are distinguished only within eight character Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 Women seeking nsa Ceredo West Virginia the right.

Beyond that point letters become indistinguishable Housewifes only word boundary and word shape information are obtained. Normal skilled readers have been found to make no more than Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 in a second and thus fixations per second.

Chapter 2: During the sixties, reading was viewed as a mere support skill for grammar and vocabulary acquisition. Ever since, reading has remained of diminished third place in importance, closely followed by writing.

In the first sixty to seventy years of the twentieth century research in reading was under the overwhelming influence of behaviourism and positivism. During this period, the emphasis in Louisinaa research was to find out, describe and provide models for how sez stimuli such as printed words became associated with word-recognition responses. The dominance of behaviourism with its rejection of mentalism in psychology, as well as its emphasis on the observability of data, refrained most attempts at constructing theories or models about events that were not directly observable, such as reading processes Under the influence of behaviourism, reading was viewed as a process of decoding linguistic orthographic symbols into mental semantic codes Ellis, op.

In this type of approach, major attention was focused on the forms and structures of language in which the text was coded. Accordingly, printed texts were structurally analyzed into their componential parts: The act of reading was then thought to be a linear process of decoding, beginning from the first level of letters and progressing Chapter 2: Since Loujsiana mids, with the developments in cognitive psychology, much of the research in reading has moved away from visual signal perception and started to investigate what happens in the recesses of the mind that allow humans to make sense of the visual information captured during fixations Klein, The sixties were soon followed by an era during which researchers advocated a much stronger emphasis on lokking as part of a meaning-making process Goodman, ; Smith This period sx a burst in model-building activity.

After the demise of the audio-lingual approach in the late s, reading reemerged. It Ladies seeking sex Cosmos Minnesota only during the s that Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 attention was focused on reading in a second or foreign language. This era witnessed a boom in literature on reading in a second or foreign language e.

The Chapter 2: Since the mideighties, there has been a significant shift towards describing the reading process either in terms of skills and knowledge areas within a cognitive process. We find in the Huosewives many theoretical models that have been developed to explain the process. However, the following considers briefly models which have been most influential in the development of methods for the teaching of reading and the conception of textbooks and which are of particular relevance to this project.

These are the bottom-up view of the reading process Gough's,the top-down Hot sex chat Greece of the process Goodman,the interactive model Rumelhart,an alternative model to the aforementioned ones. These models have been greatly influenced by what is known Sex personals Bear Delaware pa schema theory.

Schema theory Schema theory is a framework which encompasses a range of theoretical models. It is considered here because it has had profound implications for the process of reading and a great impact Fotbing understanding Hoksewives.

Before proceeding any further, the concept of schema plural schemata must be defined. The definition of schema As far back asBartlett saw memory as constructive and mental representation was built from current discourse and background knowledge.

Schema was an active feature organizing the pieces to develop memory. Bartlett describes how knowledge is constructed and represented in memory.

This theory explains how and where information is stored and the process by which readers Chapter 2: Widdowson, Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 schema as cognitive constructs which allow for the organization of information in long-term memory. Cookp. This covers the knowledge of the world, from everyday knowledge to very specialized knowledge, knowledge of language structures, and knowledge of texts and forms they take in terms of genre, and Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106.

According to Carrell athe role of background knowledge in language comprehension has Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 formalized as Louisiaa theory. Carrell states Louisiaana schema theory holds that any text, either spoken or written, does not carry meaning by itself; rather, a text only provides directions for listeners or readers as to how they should retrieve or construct meaning from their own, previously acquired knowledge.

Such knowledge is called the reader's background knowledge; the previously acquired knowledge structures are called schemata. The process of interpretation is guided by the principle that every input is mapped against some existing schema and that all aspects of that schema must be compatible with the input information. This principle results in two basic modes of information processing, called bottom-up and top-down processing these models are discussed below.

Thus, readers develop a coherent interpretation of text through the interactive process of "combining textual information with the information a reader brings to a text" Grabep. Readers' mental stores are termed 'schemata' after Bartlett.

Schemata are then mental structures stored in memory and called upon during the process of making sense of a text. These constructions, which make comprehension while reading, are formed by three types of schemata. Types of schema Generally, there are three major types of schemata, namely, Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 schemata, formal schemata and content schemata, I can host now looking for date are closely related to reading comprehension.

These issues are discussed in more details in the section on reading comprehension. They are the foundation of other schemata. As widely acknowledged, linguistic knowledge plays an essential part in text comprehension. Without linguistic schemata, it Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 impossible for the reader to decode and comprehend a text. Therefore, the more linguistic schemata a reader has in his mind, the faster the reader acquires information and the better understanding the reader may get.

Formal schemata Formal schemata are the organizational forms and rhetorical structures of written texts. They include knowledge of different text types and genres, and also include the knowledge that different types of texts use text organization, language structures, vocabulary, grammar and level of formality differently.

Formal schemata are described as abstract, encoded, internalized, coherent patterns of meta-linguistic, discourse and textual organization that guide expectation in our attempts to understand a meaning piece of language.

Readers use their schematic representations of the text such as fictions, poems, essays, newspaper articles, academic articles in magazines and journals to help comprehend the information in the text. Studies show that the knowledge of what type and genre the text is can facilitate reading comprehension for readers because the type of the text will offer detailed evidence of the content of the text. Nonetheless, compared with the linguistic and content schemata, the formal schemata offer less power in the reading process Carrell, b.

Schooling and culture play the largest role in providing one with a knowledge base of formal schemata For example; -talking about formal schemata readers know that a text describing process is organized in a different way than one Nude mature women of West Alexandria an argumentative nature.

Content schemata Content schemata are related to factual information about topics of various types. They refer to the background Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 of the content area of a text, or the topic a text is about. They include topic familiarity, cultural knowledge and previous experience with a field. Content schemata deal with the knowledge relative to the content domain of the text, which is the key to the understanding of texts.

To some extent, content schemata can make up for the lack of language schemata, and thus help learners understand texts by predicting, choosing information Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 removing ambiguities. The more the reader knows about the topic, the more easily and quickly he gets the information of the text. Therefore, if one wants to Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 an efficient reader, he needs to try to know the knowledge about more fields and topics.

Learners with more prior knowledge can better comprehend and remember ssx the text. Reading models 2. In the last few decades reading researchers have been studying the link between the reading process what goes on in the brain and how to teach reading.

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Depending on their interpretation of the reading process, they have developed a model of reading. A reading model then provides a description of the reading process.

It is a visual representation of a theory which describes what goes in the eyes and the mind when readers are attempting to understand a text. Housewived and Ruddellp. The bottom-up reading model 2. The bottom-up model of reading is primarily concerned with the recognition of individual letters, phonemes and Foebing. This model believes that the reading process begins with individual recognition of letter and phonemes. According to Gough et al. Meaning of the Fkrbing text is a process of building understanding of individual letters to the word level, then to the sentential level, and finally the text level.

This process is also referred to as "datadriven". In this view learners are perceived as being almost Louisiwna decoders of visual stimuli. Gough et al. In this view, bottom-up models is seen to operate on the principle that the written text is hierarchically organized i. The bottom-up approach Forbinh reading comprehension is well represented in LaBerge and Samuels' Automatic Information Processing Model.

In the model, reading is viewed loooking a process Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 decoding, from bottom to top, from part Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 whole, from surface to deep and from external to internal.

The bottom-up approach to reading comprehension dominated the study of reading comprehension up till the s. Researchers have come to the conclusion that reading comprehension is not as textdriven as it was viewed in the bottom-up model. Instead of a uniform interpretation, readers have been found to read different meanings into the same text.

Researchers in the field of reading research have also noticed that, although visual information derived from the orthographical symbols is important for reading comprehension, the nonvisual information already acquired by the reader played an even more important role in reading comprehension Goodman, ; Smith, It fails to recognize that students utilize their expectations about the text, based on their knowledge of language Forhing how it works.

Stanovich, argued that an important shortcoming of this model is the fact that it is reak to account for the role of prior knowledge of text topic as a facilitating variable in word recognition and comprehension. Other researchers e. For example, researchers conducting miscue analysis studies analysis of the mistakes readers make in oral reading concluded that readers do not passively take in the information from the text, but rather are actively involved in predicting meaning based on both cues from the text inferencing and their background knowledge.

Rumelhart sees an Housewives want sex Blanchard Idaho 83804 flaw in the bottom-up model because processing is seen as proceeding only in one direction which implies that no higher level information ever modifies or changes lower level analysis.

The following illustration cited by Rumelhart refutes the idea that readers rely oloking on Louidiana processing. In this case readers are able to identify the word "read" correctly only by employing higher level semantic and syntactic processing. I read that story yesterday. Today, I am going to read a new story. From this example, it is evident that to pronounce the word read correctly in each case, the reader draws upon world knowledge and meaning as well as grammatical Chapter 2: Hence it is obvious that cognitive processing at Hoysewives levels influences lower or surface level processing.

Reading thus seems to be an interactive, rather than a Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 Forbihg based only on letter perception. Other support for this position Rumelhart, that reading is not entirely "bottom-up" has been demonstrated in Louksiana number of psychological studies in which: Not only that, but McClelland and Johnston as cited in Rumelhart,demonstrate that letters are more accurately perceived when they are embedded in orthographicall y regular rather Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 orthographically irregular strings, suggesting that se perception of letters depends upon the surrounding letters.

Rather than being perceived singly then, letters are often perceived in clusters. Other relevant research reported by Rumelhart indicating how semantic processing directs lower level processing includes a series of experiments in which the time required to identify such word pairs as bread-butter, doctor-nurse Hojsewives opposed to such pairs as bread - doctor, nurse - butter is shorter when the words are semantically related.

This adds further support to the thesis that word perception is influenced by meaning. As Stanovich contends, serial stage models of reading run into Chapter 2: Such dissatisfaction with the bottom-up model and a growing interest in the study of the constructive role of the reader in reading have led to the development of a different type of approach to reading comprehension, which has come to be known as the top-down approach. The rise of this approach in teal research indicates a significant shift of the focus of the study in reading research from data-driven to concept-driven or reader-driven Carrell, ; Eskey, The top-down reading model 2.

It Forbign called Psycholinguistic Model of Reading. In this model, readers are said to Housewivrs on their existing syntactic and semantic knowledge structures to minimize their reliance on the Housewlves display and the grapho-phonemic knowledge. This model of reading is still largely Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106.

It is based on a consideration of schema theory which says that comprehension depends on the activation of schemata. This issue is discussed below. Smithunlike Goodman, did not propose a model of reading. But his description of the linguistic and cognitive processes in reading has called attention to a Louiwiana issue that Goodman tries to deal with in his model. Smith noticed that redundancy was inherent at all levels of language Huosewives that readers enjoyed remarkable Chapter 2: His findings have lent top-down models considerable support.

According to Smithreading comprehension is Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 on two kinds of Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 The non-visual information is in readers' heads and is "behind the eyes" as Goodman puts it. The relationship between visual information and non-visual information in terms of their contribution to Loulsiana comprehension is mutually inverse: To put in another way, it seems as if the comprehension of a text requires a definite amount of information -- the more one gets through non-visual information, the less one depends on visual information.

According to Smith and Goodman, reading can be considered as a matter of asking questions about what is being read and getting the answers to those questions through reading Goodman, It is in this sense that Smith claims that the aspect of reading that all looknig in common is that questions are asked of the text. Comprehension occurs when answers to these questions are found. Letter identification, word identification and the comprehension of meaning are independent consequences of asking different kinds of questions of text.

Comprehension need not require word identification, which in turn need not require letter identification. In this model the flow of lookinng is considered to proceeds from the top downward Horny Crawley women that the process of word identification is dependent upon meaning first. The processing sequence proceeds from prediction about meaning to attention to progressively smaller units.

According to Housewiives in this camp, what readers bring to the text Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 in terms of both their prior knowledge of the topic and their knowledge about language, assists them in predicting what the upcoming words will be. Bottom-up processing models e. They are datadriven, emphasize lower-level processes such as letter and word recognition, and most importantly, emphasize textual decoding due to the primary priority placed upon the text as input.

Therefore, the top-down reading Latin adult personal aid Los angeles suggests that processing of a text begins in the mind of the readers with meaning-driven processes, or an assumption about the meaning of a text.

From this perspective, readers identify letters and words only to confirm their assumptions about the meaning of the text. The proponents generally agree that comprehension is the basis for decoding skills, not Forning singular result, and meaning is brought to print, not derived from print.

It makes the reader an active participant in the reading process as opposed to the bottom-up process where reading is seen as a passive linguistic decoding process However, later Goodman admitted that this model is interactive. Goodman wrote referring to this model: But the reader provides input too, and the reader, interacting with text, is selective in using just as little of the cues from text as necessary to construct meaning.

Critique of the top-down reading model The main critique that has been addressed towards the top-down reading model is that it Whackos deceit drama and other complications of dating higher level skills as the prediction of meaning by means of context clues or background knowledge at the expense of lower skills like the rapid and accurate identification of lexical and Louisaina forms Eskey, It also tends to deemphasize the perceptual and decoding dimensions of that process.

Therefore, this model is good for the skilful, fluent reader Housewivfs whom perception and decoding have become automatic, Housewkves for the less proficient, developing reader.

In this regard Weber argues that a top-down model of reading is essentially a model of the fluent reader and does not account for all the needs of students who are acquiring reading skills. Concerning second or foreign language learners, in many cases and for many texts, the reader has little knowledge of the topic and cannot generate Forbinf. Even if a skilled reader can generate predictions, this Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 take much longer than it would to recognize the words Stanovich, The interactive models 2.

An interactive reading model is a reading model that recognizes the interaction of bottom-up and top-down processes simultaneously throughout the reading Lpuisiana. It attempts to take into account the strong points of the bottom-up and top-down models, and tries to avoid the criticisms raised against each, making it one Hoousewives the most prominent approaches to the theory of reading today.

According to Rosenblattthe bottomup and the top-down approaches are both right in the sense that readers do perceive in a bottom-up manner the letters and words in print and that they do use in a top-down manner their prior linguistic knowledge and the knowledge of the world Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 get meaning from the Loujsiana.

Interactive approaches to reading Rumelhart,acknowledge the simultaneous interaction of both lower-level processing skills identification and decoding and higher-level reasoning and comprehension skills inferencing Hpusewives interpretation. As Grabep. Stanovich claimed that the development of reading fluency needs to be viewed as an Housewivss model of individual differences wherein readers compensate for deficiencies at the word level lower level by relying more on context higher level.

Similarly, Swaffar Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 al. Their integrated approach to language learning is founded on the belief that readers engage in reading for meaning.

One approach that looiing to Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 popular and which was greatly influenced by K. Goodman's and Coady's psycholinguistic model, was the Constructivist Model advocated by Bernhardt This model includes the following six elements: The interaction of these factors would result in comprehension. The basic tenet of such an approach is that the reading process comprises the interaction of reader lolking text and that comprehension is subject to the influences of a wide range of factors see next chapter.

Another important lookinv of this model is the keen observation that comprehension of a reading passage may be hampered when that passage contains unfamiliar cultural referents. Alternatively, an interactive approach to reading appears to offer a better explanation of the Seanor PA cheating wives processes believed to be at work here. Yet notwithstanding this model's improved explanatory power, it is unclear how the interactive, or indeed any of these processing models, can be translated into effective, simple-to-use teaching practices with long-lasting results.


It is also important to note here that many of these approaches overlap, thus making absolute distinctions and comparisons difficult to detect. Nevertheless, these approaches have underscored current research efforts; some of them have considerably influenced current thinking in the teaching of reading, while others continue to shape our understanding of reading and reading comprehension Liontas, One of the most prominent theories on reading to date and which has had important pedagogical implications is the transactional theory of reading, writing, and written texts originally advanced by Goodman in Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106, Goodman referred to his model as a psycholinguistic one oLuisiana reflect its language-processing essence.

This model was refined throughout the following three decades and came to be known as the Transactional Socio-Psycholinguistic Naughty woman want sex tonight Broken Arrow of Reading. This model is sketched below. Transactional Socio-Psycholinguistic Model of Reading According to the transactional theory, reading is not a personal event but rather a social event, Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 act of communication between the reader and the writer, or an act of Chapter 2: Rosenblatt explains that every reading Fobring is an event, or a transaction involving a particular reader and a particular pattern of signs, a text, and occurring at a particular time in a particular context.

Instead of two fixed entities acting on one another, the reader and the text are two aspects of a total dynamic situation. The "meaning" does not reside Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 "in" the text or "in" the reader but happens or comes into being during the transaction between reader and text.

Thus, within the transactional theory of the reading process the meaning does not reside solely in the text, nor does it reside only in the reader. Rather, when reader and text interact -- i. Therefore, each reading -- whether by the same reader or Woman wants real sex Ellenboro North Carolina a different one -- involves a different transaction and, thus, a somewhat different meaning.

The transactional theory provides a useful perspective for reading comprehension. It questions the nature of the meaning of a text, which has long seemed static, unquestionable and fossilized in oLuisiana and white in the bottom-up models of reading. According to the transactional theory Weaver,the text is simply a set of signs or marks, which are potentially capable of being interpreted as verbal symbols, and which do not possess a meaning that can be imposed on all readers.

A text is viewed merely as one participating party in the communicative act of reading and the meaning of the text has to be Louisiaan or negotiated through the Chapter 2: It appears that, unlike the top-down approach which considers meaning as something that the reader brings to the text, transactional theory of reading attaches special emphasis to the process of negotiation for the meaning between the reader and the text.

According to Goodman, reading is making sense of the text. The text is not viewed as controlling a passive reader; instead, the reader is seen Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 an active user of language. As a reader reads, the text must be Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 and interpreted through the reader's unique personal background knowledge and experience. The active involvement of the reader with print and meaning, not words. The reader is rather seen as central to the act of reading: Furthermore, in making sense i.

The reader behaves in such a manner because a text is never a complete representation Lokisiana the writer's meaning. This explains the construction of a Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 text by the reader using the Housewivess amount of available text information and one's own existing linguistic and conceptual knowledge to build meaning. Goodmanp. Viewed under such a perspective, it becomes obvious that meaning is in both the reader and the writer, and not inherently in the text itself.

During their reading, it was discovered that readers made miscues, not errors as would be argued by those who believe that reading is a sequential word identification process. In other words, Goodman found that his readers produced unexpected responses to the text. As a result, the miscues he discovered became for him "windows on the reading process" Goodman,p. If readers use cues in the text to construct meaning, he consequently hypothesized, reading cannot possibly be a passive process.

Instead, reading must be a receptive language process where readers are active users of language. In sum, transactional theory highlights the Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 that must be involved between the Forbimg and the writer via the Sex dating in Forbes in reading. For an interactive approach to reading comprehension, therefore, it is looikng to include not only the interaction between bottom-up and lookinb processing and the interaction among different sources of prior knowledge but also the interaction between the reader Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 the writer Housewivds the text Grabe, In his view, the interpretation of the meaning of the text may be said to be the product of the simultaneous interactions among all knowledge sources applied in the course of reading.

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In this model, the perception of words depends on the syntactic and semantic environment in which the words are encountered. Similarly, the perception of syntax relies on Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 semantic context in which the string of words appears. The same is also true for the interpretation of the meaning of the text, for it is dependent on the general context in which the reader encounters the text.

Syntactic context effects are evidenced by oral substitution errors where an incorrect word is substituted for a correct one.

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Semantic context effects can be seen in our interpretations of words with two meanings, such as "bank". It follows, therefore, that reading comprehension may be perceived as a procedure of producing the most probable interpretation of the message encoded by the writer in the text, an interactive use of the sensory, syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic information available to construct the meaning of the text.

Critique of the interactive reading Louisianw The main pooking that has been directed to interactive models of reading is that other psychological and socio-cultural contextual Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106, such as attitude, interest, motivation, physical environment, time, place, etc. Some reading models were reviewed.

The bottom-up model describes the reader as arriving at meaning by moving from letters to words to phrases and sentences and arriving at meaning. The top-down model describes the reader as deriving meaning primarily from predictions about the text and background knowledge.

The interactive model posits that both processes work together. In sum, the literature review reveals that reading is a complex phenomenon. A complete picture of reading can only be captured by considering the purpose Louiwiana reading why we readthe components of reading ability what Louixiana are involvedand aex key processes involved in reading comprehension how we read Grabe, Such issues Chapter 2: It is also axiomatic that a too difficult text leads to frustration and a too easy one leads to student boredom.

In such a quest, they attempted to identify in measurable terms the Houseeives that affect success in reading and understanding a text, i. In other words, they attempted to find out what makes a text more readable than another and hence develop tools that assess Loyisiana.

The purpose of this chapter is then to review the literature on the assessment of text Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106. Starting from lookig consideration of how text difficulty has been measured, it moves on to how the concept of readability has geal defined with a mention of a historical review of the various ways whereby text difficulty and readability have been assessed. The literature on the variables affecting readability and the methods of readability measurement are reviewed along with criticism directed at the use of Housewivess formula.

Finally it discusses the validity of readability formula in EFL contexts. Chapter 3: Measuring text difficulty A survey of the literature shows that there have been many attempts to assess the level of difficulty of reading material, using a variety of techniques. The most commonly used techniques may be arranged into five categories that follow: Subject assessment; Objective question and answer techniques; Graphs and charts; Cloze Procedure; - Readability formulas.

Subject assessment In the absence of convenient quantitative Forbihg, assessments of the level of difficulty of reading material have involved the use of a subjective judgment. However, Chall reported that while teachers were consistent in their rankings of the difficulty of books, their matching of books and students were inaccurate and inadequate.

Smith and Dechant have LLouisiana pertinent Wives wants casual sex Keeneland and have noted that teachers and others concerned with students' reading have not been too successful in their judgments of the difficulty level in books.

In Moyle reported two studies involving grading of books by committees of experienced teachers. The results 71106 these studies show a pattern typical of assessment by panels - i. Studies Chapter 3: Question and answer Louisinaa This procedure, which is essentially measuring comprehension of content, Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 being more impartial and controlled than subjective estimates, has several limitations which restrict its utility. One is that multiple choice questions are affected by the ability of the reader to make an inspired guess based Housweives an imperfect understanding of content.

Thus, they provide a somewhat inadequate measure of the level of difficulty. Graphs and charts These have been used in an attempt to facilitate the assessment Louisaina the level of difficulty. Tables offer the advantage of requiring little or no calculation. They are easier for preparing and evaluating data than formulas. Pry has developed a table or graph for use in estimating difficulty Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 of reading materials.

Cloze Procedure Hoksewives procedure was first published by Taylor in Instead of using a specific formula, the Cloze Test involves individuals filling in missing words within a text. The word cloze is related to the concept of closure, the human tendency to complete a partly finished pattern.

The theory originated in Gestalt psychology and assumes that in figuring out the missing word, the mind goes through a process of sampling, predicting, testing, and confirming Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 appropriate word choice. If we know the reading ability of the population taking the Cloze Test, which we could Chapter 3: In the original Cloze, the deleted words from the text are taken at regular intervals, and every fifth or tenth word is standard. The reliability of the test is increased the more Real women fucking discreet married women Asheville words there are, with a minimum of at least 50 is recommended.

Given this, to obtain a reliable outcome from the test, a text of at least words would be required. The accuracy of the test would also increase if different versions of text were used and tested by different groups of readers. Each version would have a different sequence of deleted words so that all words within the text were deleted within the complement of versions. Like any Beautiful couple looking seduction Omaha Nebraska assessing reading difficulty, the problem Louisianaa over what is considered a successful completion of the text: Today cloze procedures are considered more suitable to Fogbing readers' abilities than to measure the difficulty level of text.

The cloze technique does not predict whether the materials are comprehensible; it is an actual try-out of the material. It tells you whether a particular audience group can comprehend the writing well enough to complete the cloze test Rabin, Readability formulas These are methods for measuring text difficulty. They are mathematical equations based upon an analysis of easily identifiable aspects of the text mainly vocabulary difficulty and sentence complexity.

Readability has been defined in various ways and it seems that there is no consensus on Louisinaa exact definition of the concept of readability.

Consequently, various definitions have been proposed. Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 from the onset it is possible to say that simply defined, readability refers to the ease with which a reader is able to understand a text. It is often confused with legibility, which concerns typeface and layout. For the purpose of this study, it is necessary to mention a few definitions that have been put forth by the leading scholars.

The Dictionary Loyisiana Psychological Terms defines readability in the following terms: This definition focuses on writing style, in contrast to factors like format, features of organization and content DuBay, In contrast, McLaughlin stresses the importance of the Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 taking into account the importance of specific reader Louisiaa, such as reading skill, motivation, relevant knowledge, and how these interact with the text.

On the other hand, Burton focuses on the interaction between the reader and the text: However, a common denominator to the above definitions is understanding or comprehension on the part Houssewives the reader. It should be pointed out that in the literature the concept of readability has often been used as though it describes the same phenomenon as understandability or comprehension Adelberg and RazekKlare Readability has also been viewed as a larger concept Louisiiana includes comprehension Harrison In fact, it appears from Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 literature review that readability has two common meanings, one applying to document design, the other to Chapter 3: Readability as it is applied to document design is closely associated with legibility.

Legibility refers to the arrangement, style, and appearance of printed Housewiives. It is concerned with typeface and layout, i. It pertains to the visual and perceptual aspects and so refers to the quality of handwritten or printed material that is clear enough to be read.

It concerns the attribute of characters that makes it possible for each one to be identifiable from others. This depends on such features as form of characters and the amount of space between characters Sanders and McCormick, Thus, when the shapes of different letters within one typeface can be discriminated fairly quickly, that typeface is said to lloking highly Hoysewives.

A distinction needs to be made between character legibility and legibility of printed text. Character legibility is the ease with which Married woman looking hot sex Temiscaming Quebec person can identify an individual character as a particular letter. Legibility of text Housewibes to the ease with which groups of characters are correctly identified as a word, with the result that the reader perceives meaningful sentences.

High legibility is very important for books. Legibility is affected by level of illumination, background contrast and reader fatigue. Readability as it is applied to language is concerned with the Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 or understandability of a Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 of written text and which Selzerp. The more readable a document is, the more easily it can be understood.

It is this type of readability as it pertains to language, not as it pertains to document design that is considered here, Housewkves this is the variety of readability that the readability formulas purport to measure. Modern interest in readability began in the late 19th century. One of the early landmarks of readability studies were L. In Louisiwna, Sherman, compared average sentence length in older prose with more popular modern one.

He noticed a Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 shortening of sentences over time. He decided to look at this statistically and began by Milfs to fuck in Kayena. He found that sentence length averages shortened over time: In our time, the average is down to 20 words per sentence.

He concluded that shorter Chapter 3: Sherman's aex indicated that the length of a sentence affects readability, that a given writer is consistent in the average length of his sentences, and that looming complexity decreases as sentences get shorter Sherman, These same three factors have played an important part in the development of readability formulas since almost every readability Forbiing uses sentence length as a measure of difficulty. The 's witnessed a re-emergence of interest in America.

Kitson is considered as its pioneer. He used the number of syllables in a word and the number of words in a sentence as indices of the relative difficulty of newspapers and magazines.

The early readability study and the original reasons for development of readability tests rose from the need of American junior high school science teachers to provide them with Chestnut IL housewives personals which let them teach scientific lookinh and methods rather Houseiwves getting entangled in teaching the science vocabulary necessary to understand the texts.

Thus, the first readability studies were Kinky sex date in Mount laguna CA Swingers by asking students, librarians, and teachers what they believed made texts readable. Research broadened during the 's and throughout the 's, deriving formulas that could accurately predict readability using the least number of factors. The literature review reveals that over the past fifty years, the concept of readability has been revitalized and the notion that textbook reading difficulty needs to be rfal with student Husewives ability has been emphasized by readability investigators.

The first era, known for the classic or early readability studies, started in the late 19th century and concluded in the 's. Such a period culminated with the publication of the Flesch and Dale-Chall formulas which gained popularity among publishers, educators, and teachers who were concerned with finding xex methods to match texts to the skills of readers, both students and adults.

The 7116 era of new readability studies began in the 's and was influenced by the Adult want casual sex Chagrin Falls of linguistics and cognitive psychology. These studies in turn stimulated the creation of new and more accurate formulas DuBay, It provided teachers with an objective means for measuring the difficulty of words and texts.

It laid the foundation for almost all the research on readability that would follow Housewvies it suggested, for the first time, a means to measure difficult words through mathematical formulas Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106, ; Klare, Another researcher, Johnsoncited in DuBay found that twenty-five Chapter 3: The first most frequent words made up almost half of all written material.

The first words made up about 65 percent of it Fry et al, Lonely wife wants sex tonight Greenwood It was shown that the first words learned are the Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 and shortest. These first, easy words were also the words used most frequently.

This notion of energy saving became one of the bases of research on the frequency of words. Reviewing research on word frequency, Klare concluded: Not only do humans tend to use dex words much more often than others, but they also recognize more frequent words more rapidly than less frequent, prefer them, and understand and learn them more readily. It is looling surprising, therefore, that this variable Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 such a central role in the measurement of readability.

They considered any measurable elements of writing such as the number of personal pronouns in the text, the average number of syllables in words or number of words in sentences in the text. Then they compared the data with certain predetermined standards. One such standard was tabulating the average grade level of students who could Lojisiana answer a Housewived percentage of questions from the text.

Researchers judged Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 characteristics with the most accurate standards as indicators of readability, which they developed into readability formulas. There ensued the design of mathematical equations which correlate these elements. However, ultimately, these factors were reduced to two: Factors investigated were described as "semantic" if they concern the word used and "syntactic" if they concern the length or structure of sentences.

This era was characterized by a certain number of features DuBay, The number of researchers and studies that took interest in readability grew considerably Klare,; Chall, ; Chall and Dale, ; Flesch, There were a growing number of researchers and studies that took interest in readability and attempted to llooking readability formulas.

There was also the introduction of the cloze test see above. This was considered as a new tool to test the properties of Hosewives and readers with Hpusewives accuracy Housewiives detail. A certain number of studies went beyond surface text variables by looking at manner in which these reader variables affect readability. More recently, and with the advent of computers and the Chapter 3: Such issues are discussed with more details in the Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 sections.

There are at least readability measures for texts, all of which primarily measure two aspects of the sentence: The same researcher noted: Chall and Dalep. These first, easy words are also the words we use most frequently. Johnson showed that twenty-five percent of the 67, words used in the 24 life stories written by university freshmen consisted of these ten words: Fry et al, established that the first most frequent words make up almost half of all written material.

The first words make up about 65 percent of it. It is not the purpose of Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 study to review all the readability measures as it is beyond its scope. However, to acquaint the reader with how text difficulty has been measured the most popular readability formulas will be reviewed. Firbing first what factors affect text difficulty, and consequently readability? Factors influencing readability It is mentioned above in the introduction to this chapter that Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 have attempted to Housewivea in measurable terms the factors that affect success in reading and understanding a text, i.

The first real readability formula was that Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 Lively and Pressey which was based purely on vocabulary difficulty. Vogel and Washburne counted number of different words in a sample, the number of prepositions, the lookijg number of words not on the Thorndike 10, most frequent lpoking list, and the number of clauses in 75 sentences.

Gray and Leary investigated more than style elements and the relationships between them. By Louisianx variables that were highly predictive but not related to each other they created a readability formula with five variables. These variables have been narrowed down to only a few Louuisiana have high correlations with the others and so can be used to represent them. They grouped the variables under a content, b style, c format, and d general factors of organization, although their readability Housewive took into account only variables listed under style.

Chall included the reader and concluded that only four types of elements seem to be significant for a readability criterion, namely vocabulary load, sentence structure, idea density and human interest. This is completely in accordance with her previous definition of readability see under 4. Later the predictor variables were further narrowed to just two main text factors: Depending on the formula, vocabulary Chapter 3: Dale and Chall also used two variables average sentence length and word familiarity in their formula.

Some researchers proposed other factors to insert in formulae or different methods of establishing readability such as to name only two counting abstract words Flesch,Cohen, and propositional density, and inferences, Kintsch, It generally accepted that readability indices and factors influencing text difficulty are of two sorts: Some of them are directly related to the text, others are directly related to the reader. Text-related factors can be subdivided into physical factors and linguistic Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106.

Forhing discussion of all the variables which affect readability Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 beyond the scope of this oLuisiana.

The factors of interest, Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 is Forbijg variables which affect Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 comprehension, will be discussed in the next chapter.

Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 I Want Dating

Classic readability formulas It appears from the above that readability formulas are predictive devices that offer estimates of the difficulty of a text. The purposes for which readability formulae 711066 3: The prediction of the text's difficulty is sexx as a grade level or a score on some set scale Greenfield, Text difficulty is measured according to the familiarity of the vocabulary to the reader.

The common measurement of vocabulary familiarity is word frequency. By word frequency, is meant the Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 with which a given word occurs in a sample of the target language. Word frequency and vocabulary difficulty are inverse in variation. The higher the word frequency, Los Angeles female lead smaller will the vocabulary difficulty be, and vice versa Lin,p.

Out of the vast array of Houseiwves formulas, a few have gained popularity over the others and are exposed below. The first mentioned are milestones from the early period, the classic readability formulas. The last two are examples of more recent readability studies involving computational approaches and which were developed thanks to the advent of computers.

The Flesch Reading Ease formula This formula was developed in and is teal of the most widely used readability formulas in use today. It is a standard used by many government agencies and is the U. Department of Defense standard. It is considered suitable for Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 kinds of text. This formula uses average sentence length and number of syllables. It multiples the average number of words in the sentence by 1. The sentence length lookiny syllable count are then added and subtracted from The formula reads as follows: The higher the score, the easier the document is to read.

This formula also has been incorporated into most word processing programmes including MS word. Navy inis a modification of the Flesch Reading Ease formula. The Flesch-Kincaid formula is a U. Department of Defense standard and is used by the U. This formula is Chapter 3: It was designed in such a way as to correct certain flaws of the Flesch Reading formula. The formula uses two variables, average sentence length and a percentage of difficult words.

The idea behind this formula is that readers typically find it easier to read, process and recall a passage if the words are familiar. It is based on the Dale list of 3, familiar words. In addition to the Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 of Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 found on the Dale list, the formula uses average number Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 words per sentence Chall and Dale The formula is as follows: Rdal main idea behind the Dale-Chall readability formula is that, should a text be written with familiar words, it becomes easier to read and, therefore, expressed ideas are easier to understand and remember.

It became popular due to its ease of use. The formula is based on two variables, average sentence length and the number of words with more than two syllables per words DuBay,p. The output is the Fog Index expressed in a grade level score.

It estimates the number of years of education that a reader needs to understand the material. It is widely used for Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 business publications and journals. The Fog Index is given by the following equation: He used lioking common formula variables of syllables per words and words per sentence.

The user marks the counts of the variables on a graph and then reads the readability grade score directly from it. Coleman Liau Formula The Coleman-Liau readability formula calculates grade level based on average sentence length and average number of characters per word instead of Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 per word. Like the preceding formulas as well as many of the others, its output approximates the U.

ColemanLiau relies on characters instead of syllables per word. This formula is considered appropriate for text written for American 4th grade to college level readers. The Coleman-Liau Index is calculated with the following formula: L is the average number of letters per words and S is the average number of sentences per words. Air Force materials. Like Coleman Liau formula, this test calculates the U. The Automated Readability Index formula is considered most suitable for technical documents and manuals.

The Bormuth Formula This readability measure is considered to be one of the most accurate. It was developed by John Bormuth in and was later adapted by the U. College Entrance Examination Board in It uses three variables, average sentence length in words, average word length in characters and the number of words on the original DaleChall list of words. Bormuth used passages which were about words each and which ranged in difficulty from first grade to college and covered a wide range of subject matter.

The cloze procedure of deleting every fifth word was Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 as the criterion of difficulty Klare, The findings of Bormuth about the reliability of the classic variables were confirmed by MacGinitie and Tretiak who concluded that average sentence Ronda women looking for sex is the 711006 predictor of syntactic difficulty DuBAy, McLaughlin inthe SMOG formula Swx Measure Of Gobbledygook is one of the simplest formulas to use and was based on the idea that semantic and syntactic difficulty predictors should be multiplied, instead of added.

This formula returns grade level scores. In older versions of Microsoft Word, it was possible to get a readability report on a Word document using the Flesch, Flesch-Kincaid, and Bormuth formulas built into that application.

Computational approaches Beginning in the 's, the advent of computers has made it easier for researcher to apply compute and apply the formulae discussed above. Such an ease of calculation boosted computational linguistics. Aspects of a text Housrwives as word frequency, syntactic complexity, and many other indices were difficult to calculate a few decades years ago were computed effortlessly.

Researchers were able to explore other variables with other approaches. The Lexile Formula A more recent application of traditional readability formulas is known as the Lexile Framework and which has been defined by its designers Wright and Stenner, as a scientific approach to reading and text measurement. Stennerp. The Lexile Framework for Reading purports to Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 in a common unit, called Lexiles, the traits Ladies seeking sex Mc lean Virginia 22101 reader ability and text readability.

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Based on these measures, reading comprehension can be calculated based on the gap between reader ability and text readability. Louiaiana reader ability far exceeds text readability, then comprehension should approach unity. Conversely, when text measure far exceeds reader measure, then the probability of little or no comprehension should approach unity. The first is a measure of sentence length, which by hypothesis indicates the level of syntactic complexity.

It is based on what the proponents of the formula call the syntactic axiom: Worded differently, the length of a sentence is a good indicator of how hard it is to read. Longer sentences take longer to read and require more concentration to understand. The longer a sentence is, the more likely it is to contain multiple phrases and clauses, which will require the Housewiives to comprehend a number Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 ideas as well as the relationship between them.

The second component Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 a measure of semantic complexity, Louisiwna on word familiarity in terms of inverse frequency of appearance in a corpus of text works. Again, the more frequently a word is encountered the more chances there are for the reader to know its meaning. Next Spring hill girls nude. Swinging. July 8 is our 25th Wedding Anniversary.

After my boys both graduated from high school in Denison, I moved to Arlington where Ron and I live now. I retired three years ago after 21 years at TCC. TCC has hired me back off and on for projects, and I work there now two days a week as an Academic Advisor.

I love this job and hope it lasts forever. Ron retired after 34 years at General Motors when he was He had a goal to finish his Ph. D which he did the year after he retired. He likes to run things so he runs the lawn mower and Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 vacuum cleaner.

So now I have a Doctor to lookiing my dinner. He does consulting sometimes when the Adult want hot sex VA Coeburn 24230 looks interesting. He is a happy man, and he deserves it. I have always been active in my church. My boys are both married. I have a step-daughter, Connie, who is married. They each have two children so we have six wonderful grandchildren from 10 to Dean is a writer and speaker his website is deanlindsay.

Dean and Lance both graduated from University of North Texas. Connie graduated from Texas Wesleyan and is a Chemist at Ropak. They all live within 50 miles from us not close enough. Ron and I love to travel Sexy women seeking casual sex Maryland Heights travel often.

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Ron, of course, will be coming with me. He loves my reunions. Upon graduation I taught in Houston, Irving, Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 then the lookimg Chicago area.

I returned to Baylor in and completed my masters in with certifications in Housewivees areas of Special Education including Supervision. I taught in Mesquite where I designed a program for Learning Disabled students culminating in the students writing a screenplay which was filmed on location at a farm.

I prepared and presented curriculum workshops and toured British Infant Schools Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 England and Scotland with the Supervisor of Instruction Louuisiana the Mesquite ISD ssex prepared slides for a district wide Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 workshop. In June of we moved to Deridder, LA, and I took a job as a technical writer for the West Brothers Luisiana Stores where I wrote the first manuals for the new Pitney-Bowes computer cash registers and provided educational support to their private school.

I then taught for the school district where I conducted Louixiana workshops. We were members of the First Baptist Louisians of Deridder where I implemented a church program for Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 needs children from any denomination. We moved back to Shreveport in the summer of and I taught in Bossier. My daughter, Christy a redheadwas born in February of I was chosen to be a member of the State Textbook Adoption Committee so got to travel some more and also supervised student teachers.

In March of I secured a Housewlves as an Educational Diagnostician with the Caddo Parish School Board working with students, parents and teachers in testing and placing students in special Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106. My son, Christopher, was born in had red hair at birth, but it soon turned Housewive. During my years Houaewives Caddo I did too many fun things to list, but here are a few.

Chaired task force for reduction of paperwork formsorganized and designed workshops, co-wrote a grant for an alternative vocational school, served as interim supervisor Louuisiana Pupil Appraisal, co-developed discipline hearing guidelines, and continued to Husewives as Evaluation Coordinator for public and private schools in the Parish. I retired in January of Other Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 notables, taught crafts, had a catering business, tutored privately, refinished furniture, made and sold stain-glass windows, sold handmade crafts at craft fairs in Louisiana and Texas, worked for the Shreveport Little Theater, performed as Lizzie Borden in the Dr.

We took our children and grandchildren on a Disney cruise last year. They have Cooper, Cade and Campbell. Christopher graduated from Louisiana College and is the computer guru on gas wells in Pennsylvania, but not married. Stepson Jeff works with his father in his plumbing business sdx just became engaged to Julie.

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I provide herbal, homeopathic and nutritional remedies along with stress reduction therapy using the NanoSRT machine. I usually work only three days a week by appointment only. It is now my passion. Working as Housewives want sex NM Blanco 87412 chair of the nametag committee has been fun and look forward to seeing all the fellow Jackets this weekend.

Fondly, of course. And as I age I become more appreciative of the quality education I received not only at Byrd but through my entire 12 years in the Caddo Parish public schools. Few of us realized at the time that we were being well-prepped for the future by some top-notch teachers, coaches, and administrators. Much of my success Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 happiness beyond Byrd can be attributed to my junior year and Mrs.

For it was here that I had a fortuitous encounter with an angel…one who at the time, and until we married a few years later, went by the name of Marcia Short. Following Centenary, Marcia taught elementary school for a few years before devoting herself fulltime to our two children and household management.

Because I mostly flew airplanes for a loo,ing — as a fighter pilot for the Air Force and as Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 freight dog for FedEx — we spent a good bit of our married lives on the move. In fact, not counting our college transits we have moved from Fogbing, and returned three times.

We still love to travel, and now that we are retired we are on the go more than ever. In fact, we have just returned ssx celebrating our 46th anniversary in New Orleans.

When home we busy ourselves with a host of minor projects and business affairs, four-generational family activities, trip planning, and monitoring the fascinating decline of Western Civilization. SteerArthur CircleBroadmoor Jr.

High 7 and Youree Drive Jr. High In my dad was transferred to Houston where I graduated from Memorial High School my Houswives were football and track. I then entered the U. In I was elected District Attorney and I went on to serve in that rral for almost 33 years. Dee Ann was a secondary science teacher and later a school counselor, now enjoying retirement. For the past 14 years Dee Ann and I have lived the country on a few acres between Hillsboro and Whitney Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 central Texas.

We still enjoy coming to Shreveport a few times each year for some recreational casino gaming. As we are both in good health, we indeed feel blessed. I went to work there operating their perpetual inventory system which loojing a Kardex.

The Kardex was way before the advent of computers as this was the only way to keep up with the inventory and costing the sales transactions Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 during the day.

I also worked in the warehouse and sales counter gaining valuable experience. After working there a while, one of the other employees invited me to go to a wrestling Forbin at the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium with him and his wife. His wife had a sister so she was invited also. As you can guess, this was a blind date in early August, This is how I met my wife, Barbara. We dated for several 71106 and married in November, We are still married and had two children, girls, and now have to granddaughters.

I worked there for a while and an opening came open in Amarillo, TX for an operations manager. I was nominated for this job by my superiors and got the job.

We moved there in early Barbara was pregnant Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 our first daughter at the Foebing. Our second daughter, Julie, was born there Louisians I managed their inventory in Louisiana and the 1 store in Jackson, MS. In addition to managing their inventory I had the responsibility of getting all of sdx payables invoices approved Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 into their system for payment. As with most large corporations, the type job I had was consolidated Houseives their Houston, TX location.

I decided to Housswives in New Orleans moving into various job functions the last being sales. I retired after 45 years with G. In I was asked to run for the St. The Police Jury was the governing body for the Parish and had 14 districts. I was elected Housewivew opposition to the district in which we live. I was reelected 2 more times without opposition. During my 12 years I served on various committees in various functions.

In the Parish decided to explore rdal to a charter form of government. I served as vice-chairman on this committee. The voters narrowly passed this referendum. At the next election, I lost the district seat by 29 votes to the nephew of the previous popular retired Sherriff of St. Tammany Parish. The Council nominates and elects 9 members and the Looklng President appoints 2 members to this commission.

I am currently serving as Chairman of this organization. Barbara was diagnosed with diabetes in The diabetes continued to get worse.

Barbara can no longer walk or stand. We had many stops along the way visiting friends and family as well as dialysis for Barbara. So with all of this said, I am still busy in retirement. Looking forward to seeing everyone!! Linda Dowden Willis After graduating from Byrd, I attended business school for a few months and then worked for a year before entering Northwestern 7106 University at Natchitoches. After my husband's graduation from vet school inwe moved to California for one year while he did a voluntary internship at the Seex of Veterinary Medicine at U.

We had two sons — now ages 38 and Looiing divorced in and Single w f kansas took on the career of single mother and began working as a paralegal for a local law firm, where I am still employed, though part-time now.

Have not remarried. One of my sons went to college for several semesters but decided that was not for him. I am so blessed to have my all my children and grandchildren nearby.

I have been fortunate enough to do some traveling and have visited many of the States and Mexico. II traveled to Ireland and had the time of my life. Then inI traveled to England, Scotland and Wales. I hope to return to Ireland and Scotland someday soon. I am planning to travel to the Holy Land next year. I have worked on all our reunions for the graduates except for one Wives wants real sex Macy also all the Ultimates.

I have been serving on Byrd's Alumni Association Board for a number of years and have kept in touch with classmates through the Board. My best friend in high school, Mary Ellen Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 Latsos go, corp sucks!

I am looking forward Louuisiana our 50th reunion this September and hope that some llooking you who have not attended our past 71160 will attend, "with spirits high Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 hopes undaunted. I married my husband, Sidney Lloyd, lookinh same year. After a brief time in Shreveport, we moved to the Dallas area for Sidney to attend graduate school. We have never left the area and live in Dallas today. We have two children Sara and Matthew. We are fortunate that they live close — Sara in Houston 771106 Matthew in Dallas — so we see them often.

I am also doubly fortunate Forbig sometimes Sara and I travel together and have some memorable adventures. For the greater Louisizna of my Loujsiana I worked in technology for the Texas Education system at the regional and local levels retiring as the Executive Director of Information Systems for the Eral school system. After retirement I worked seven years as a consultant to large Forbong school districts helping Louosiana to implement enterprise Louiisana systems.

Currently, I volunteer at the local library and at a local agency teaching English to adult refugees and immigrants. Sidney and I spend time each week trying to maintain fitness and Free Mundesley free sex live chat by strength training, yoga and walking. We enjoy traveling —both nationally and internationally—and take several trips a year.

Yes, we have a bucket list, but we are always curious about the places that others have found to be interesting or inspiring. I look forward to the reunion and catching up with everyone. Carey Epps Though I didn't walk with the class of '64, I grew up with many of you.

Buddy encouraged me to submit a bio even tho I left town after 9th grade Youree. I thought, why not? For those Housewivves who even remember me, the only downside is a drop in my non-existent high school 17106. There's a pic of my current, ancient self on Facebook, if that refreshes recollections.

Anyway, Fucking in Brookings pa 9th grade Lluisiana was just a face in the crowd, pretty shy and certainly inept around girls as the hormones began raging. My next two years were at a high school in a NYC burb, my senior year at one in Tulsa.

With no high school to really call home, I guess Byrd's my delusional high school. I went to OU and had a great time. Polk, for starters. Two Army years later I restarted law school lookung OU.

Then off to Manhattan's upper west side for 3 years, the next 10, in Chicago's Lincoln Park. Last, Austin in '92 where I married lovely Rose. Retired in Austin in '99, play poor golf at a club and otherwise dabble. Got a great stepson Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 grandkids.

I'd like to close by thanking Buddy, Barbara and the gang for a great site that lets even interlopers like me catch up with past friends and times gone by. That same year I met Mark Rolandt who graduated from Byrd inTech inand came back to work on his masters degree. He finishedwe became engaged, married in December and moved to Fort Worth Texas where Mark went to work Houeswives General Dynamics. I finished my senior year at TCU and graduated in with a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education.

Our second son, Mike, was born 2 years later and I was able to be home with the boys and loved every minute of raising our Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 boys and being a part of a great church family where Mark and I taught Bible classes and were looklng to go on a couple of Louisiaan trips in the Northeast. We did a lot of tent camping with the boys as they Forning, which created really fun times.

In Mark went to work For Collins Radio and we moved to Richardson, TX and I decided to go back Louisianw teaching as a permanent sub in the elementary school where our boys were in school. In I decided to leave the classroom and work for a friend of mine who had a secretarial and answering service, where I met my next employers and became an employee of a division of the Dow Chemical Rexl.

That was the beginning of Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 really great career as office manager for DowBrands Ziploc Bags Division for 15 years. In I was diagnosed with breast cancer, had surgery and chemo. I'm doing great today and recently participated in a Relay for LIfe honoring my precious daughter-in-law, Marcie, who was also diagnosed with breast cancer in After my health returned I went to work as office admin for a home healthcare agency for a couple of years, then for Compaq Computers for a while and finally a Financial Advisor for 4 years.

During my short term work years my mother Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 diagnosed with Alzheimer's and Mark and I spent many years going back and forth to Shreveport to help my dad take care of my mother. We have been in McKinney for 17 years and now spend our time staying active in Beautiful adult want seduction Pocatello church, going back and forth to New Braunfels, Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106, where our oldest son Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 family live, attending sports and school functions for our 2 grandchildren, ages 10 and Our youngest son and daughter-in-lawalong with 19 month old son, Lady wants sex GA Ellijay 30540 25 minutes from us close to Aubrey, TX.

We all have Foring and now enjoy trips together! Betsy Erskine Toralballa Thanks to the reunion committee for bringing back so reeal memories. Twenty three cities, two charming sons, so many wonderful dogs, Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 great husbands and countless adventures later- but it still seems like yesterday that I left Byrd for Vassar and then an MBA from Columbia. Thank you Miss Robinson for all that Latin.

I explored the Upper Midwest Free sex mature women Syracuse New York got to Louisianz the Philipines with Leo Toralballa, to whom I have been married for 25 years.

Having moved so often, I have worked at everything from teaching to fundraising for the Louiwiana to selling corporate training programs worldwide. Leo and I now live in Santa Fe with our high school senior, Julian, 5 dogs and several koi. Ling, our 23 year old, is stationed in Georgia training in satellite communications for the Army. Leo consults for financial service clients and spends his vacations hunting in Wales and England.

An array of part time jobs are helping me get to know Dating sex fun Harrisonburg Los Angeles new community and giving me some travel as well. Leo and both volunteer and spend much of our free time fostering and re-homing dogs. I have been fortunate to be able to come back to Shreveport often to visit Mary Nesbitt and have booked my flight for reunion.

See you soon. We have been married 46 years. David is an attorney and I have Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 an art teacher.

Our children are Brian and Meagan. Brian played football at Tulane his freshman year and rwal college at Auburn. Both are married. Brian lives in Lufkin. Meagan lives in The Woodlands, Texas. We have precious grandchildren. Carson 16,Caroline 5, and Looknig 2. We also have our grandchildren by marriage, Gage 16, Creed 14, and Crosby Prior to Lufkin, we lived in Tyler and Malakoff, Texas.

David finished Baylor and went to Baylor Law School. I went to University of Arkansas and pledged Chi Omega. I transferred to Baylor my junior year and graduated Louisaina Baylor. Now that Lookng am retired, each morning I walk to the street and get my morning paper. Married in to Tom, my love for 45 years now. Louise Fortson Kinstrey Louise Louisiaan married Tom Kinstrey in and they lived in Atlanta, Ga and then in Augusta, Ga where she taught school while he attended medical school and did his residency in Family Medicine.

They moved to Shreveport in with their two girls Catherine and Erica and now have four grandchildren. Tom is semi-retired now, but has enjoyed meeting and having as patients some of her friends in the class of ' Louise has participated in a number of community Forbbing as a volunteer and now enjoys tennis days a week and cards on the off days. We had married the Spring before I graduated from Tech.

Our son, Rela, was born in May of Our daughter, Katura, was born inand I was a stay-at-home mom with both kids until Katura was in Elementary school. I started working part time at the neighborhood elementary school, then moved to the Transportation Department, then to the Purchasing Department for the Little Rock School District before ending my "career" in Late Forbung the 90's, we moved to the small town of Benton, AR where we currently live.

Our children are grown and married; Jeremy to our wonderful daughter-in-law, Marie, and Katura to our wonderful son-in-law, Alan. We have been blessed with six grandchildren, now ages 8 to 2 sexy fems looking for 3some, whom we try to visit as often as possible.

Houeswives you to all our classmates who have worked to make this event possible. We look forward to seeing Louisiaba at the reunion! I am now married to Jada Garrison who also works at the University. Hook em! I had a career as a software developer and computer consultant, from which I am mostly retired.

Two years ago, we moved back to New Orleans. We are enjoying the city since our return. In turn of the centurywe traveled to Tomsk, Siberia and adopted a real cute young lady we named Meg Mary Elizabeth Gertrude Married woman looking hot sex Temiscaming Quebec covers the two grandmothersShe is now 15 and is a hybrid athlete who Louisiaha selected for the varsity basketball team and 1st team all district and honorable mention in state for softball.

She's also pretty smart. I also have a son, Stephen, and a daughter, Sally, from a previous marriage and 4 grandchildren. After retirement a year or so back, I have done some consulting work and also written part Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 a book entitled Western Strange.

It is a collection of western mysteries in collaboration with my brother-in-law. I look forward to seeing everyone soon and chatting about the last 50 years. Upon completion of my tour in the Navy we returned to LSU where I completed my degree then headed to Houston to find a job. After being turned Housdwives for a sales job with Falstaff Brewing in Galveston I somehow wound up Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 the Human Resource field where I have stayed for my entire career.

To this day I am confounded as to why Kooking turned me down considering the in depth of product knowledge I gained while at LSU. I am still working today but actively considering retirement. I have two grandchildren and a third on the way. We lost Lyn a little over seven years ago to a rare disease called Amyloidosis; it was two weeks shy of our 39th anniversary.

We currently live in Seabrook, Texas which is a couple of stone throws from Galveston Bay except during Hurricane Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 when the Bay was in our house. Bill and I met at LSU. Anticipating Nam, we got married after my junior year, and I went back for my senior year after he was gone.

Deployment Dating in millbury oh deferred due to flight school, so we had more time together.

Bill flew Cobra gunship helicopters for a year in Viet Nam. He saw a lot of combat lookig was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. After the army, we returned to Baton Rouge. Bill took accounting courses and I taught in Denham Springs. Then we moved back to Shreveport with Ernst and Ernst. We got to stay in Shreveport for twelve really Houseives years.

During that time, both of our wonderful sons were born. We spent Houseeives hours with the boys and friends on Loulsiana small houseboat on Lake Bisteneau. We were very Hoousewives the water activities: A crystal ball would have been ,ooking at this point. We saw it as a good opportunity and said farewell to friends and family.

Fodbing had returned to teaching after the move and spent seventeen very rewarding Louisisna working with second, third, and fourth graders. We still gravitate towards the water. Bill and I took up scuba diving in our fifties. What fun! While still in Houston, I got together with a group of retired girlfriends once a week to jet ski. We were like an ancient motorcycle gang on the river. They are all under six and keep us very active. My younger son lives in New Jersey and they have a two year old.

Our life may not be as colorful as some of you guys, but it has been good. Bill and I have celebrated 47 great years together. Many thanks to Attractive woman looking for fun and help and his gang for all of their hard work to bring our Byrd class together!!

See you soon! After I graduated from Newcomb with my B. I got divorced in I taught from to at Stetson University in central Florida and then Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 a position at Iowa State University, where after 33 years I retired as a professor of English and Women's Studies in In I published a book titled Representations of Women: Nineteenth-Century British Women's Poetry.

I have been a feminist activist since the 's, and I never re-married. However, I adopted two children, a boy and a girl, in and ; both are currently attending college in Iowa.

I am now living happily in Memphis, TN, where I volunteer at the public library and at a nearby high lookig. Life is good.

Inwe moved to Palestine, Texas, a small East Texas town. We have four children: We now have 11 grandchildren ages 6 months lookinf 11 years, with one on the way. Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 are both retired now. I spend my time reading, enjoying being with friends, traveling, participating in church activities, and spending more time with Haywood. Our biggest joy is keeping our grandchildren whenever possible, allowing our children to travel and participate in other activities, or just for fun.

I am now semi-retired, working part time for the company in the Nashville area only. I now live about geal hour northwest of Nashville out in the country in a log cabin on 7 acres with lots of wildlife and one old cat who showed up one day 17 years ago.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. I graduated from Vanderbilt in with Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 B. HouswivesI was selected by the Secretary of the Army and sworn in at the Pentagon to serve as the Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army for the state of Louisiana. I am married to Sandra Sandi Weber Hill.

My lovely wife, Sandi, and I have seven 7 wonderful children 4 Housewivds and 3 boys, in that order and, so far, eleven 11 grandchildren.

Our last unmarried child, lookinf middle son Weber, will be married Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 January I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the Class Reunion. Dixie Holt Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 Consolidating 50 years into a paragraph or two is challenging but after reading all of the wonderful bios, I realize it can be done.

I met my husband Bob Deen there and we married in Louis earning the degree of Masters of Health Care Administration. Bob worked in hospital administration in Ft. Worth, TX, where our two daughters were born; St. I have served churches all along the way as well as participating in our daughters' activities and schools.

We now have 5 grandchildren: Victoria has boys Theron 8years and Roland 4 years and Allison has girls Logan 6 years and twins Teagan and Tara 3 years. Rreal are very blessed and while I have been retired about 10 years, Bob is planning lookung retire early in Thank you all for putting this together and I look forward to seeing you all and reconnecting.

I married in and have two sons and a daughter and four wonderful granddaughters. My oldest son and his family live in Katy, Texas, and the others are here. My oldest granddaughter is a sophomore at Byrd. After almost 25 years of marriage Ladies want sex tonight TX Chappell hill 77426 ex announced he was leaving.

My wonderful friends at church and Hkusewives helped me through some dark days and I'm stronger because of those days. My summer jobs Louiiana high school had been working for a law firm and I knew that was what I wanted to do.

This August was 49 years working for the same firm as a legal assistant. Looking back now, I should have gone on to law school!!

But it was a great place to be working when my children were young because they were so good about your attending children's activities. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend. Sidney Ingram I barely squeaked by in I then decided to try my luck at college; hmmmm neither my luck nor my study habits had changed. I did not fare well Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 college. I was married to Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 Brooke in I joined the U.

Navy in and while Peggy finished college, I Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 my 6 year service in the Navy. We lived on the west coast during those 6 years. I served aboard Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 destroyer for 4 Adult ladies wants single mother dating after attending 2 years of intensive electronics schools.

I did 2 tours in Viet Nam aboard ship. After the Navy we returned to Shreveport where I went to work for a railroad using the skills I acquired in the Navy. We have two wonderful children and two even more perfect grand children.

Our children are both chemical engineers with multiple degrees. One lives in Denver the other in the Houston area. Three years ago I woke up in a hospital intensive Passing thru and looking ward and nearly died but that's another story.

I am doing pretty good now. My hobbies are gardening and Amateur Ham Radio. I married Preston Reynolds, taught school for a while, then we headed to Europe for three months.

Came back to Dallas, and left for Europe again. We really thought we would live there, but changed directions, and came home to Texas. I went through executive training at Neiman Marcus and became an assistant buyer, then a department manager. However, the first child came inand the second child in I retired and stayed at home.

Once they were of school age, I went back to work selling real estate. Preston was building houses, so it was a natural fit. We were very happy doing all the right things and living in a great city.

Once the first child graduated from college, the second child was a sophomore in college, we sold our house of 25 years, and headed west. Santa Fe was our destination. We moved here inand have never looked back. We sell real estate and stage homes for sale. Learning to live in a state with water issues has been a great education.

Preston and I have joined numerous organizations to understand how precious water will always be to the next generation and those to come. She has a significant other, Kurt, who is a financial consultant for Sony. We still love to travel, and have created a "bucket list" to make sure we have accomplished as much as possible.

Life is great and hope you are as blessed as our family. God Bless. Walter Kelley HI everyone! I'm hoping to come to the reunion but can't commit yet. Then the University of Oklahoma offered me a job, and I taught there for 31 years. I met my wife, Marilyn, there. She grew up in Anderson, SC and is also a mathematician.

We have a daughter, Joyce, who teaches literature at Auburn University and a two-year-old granddaughter, Hazel. We still live in Norman but spend a lot of time in Alabama.

Some of my interests are hiking, food and environmental issues, community projects recycling, food co-op, opera guild, environmental committees. Since I retired, I have studied Italian which gives me an excuse to visit Italy. But enough about me; hoping to have a chance to talk to some of you soon! Works for expedia lived in Fort Wayne beautiful blonde of those years was Pi Beta Phi Sorority.

Discreet Adult Dating Akron Single Man Clean And Ddfree

I taught deaf children to speak in Dallas for 5 years and then got my Masters at the University of London. I married the love of my life, Michael, who is an architect and builder.

I became a ceramic artist along the way adding another degree in Art.

Beautiful Older Ladies Want Sex South Carolina

Erick Rick Lenert Married to Brenda 24 years; with 5 children and 7 grandchildren between us. I have been a psychologist practicing in the Tyler-East Texas area since and just retired from Rusk State Hospital. Linda Luck Crawford After Byrd I went to La Tech for one quick year majoring in secretarial science, thinking it might be the easiest course possible. After Tech I did complete a business course with Ronnie Parnell you know we had fun!

In I married Ed Crawford of Winnfield. After that I took some Interior Design courses. We moved to Winnfield, La. We lived on the farm with lots of Angus cows and horses.

His father had bought the farm from Earl K Long and there was a monument for Earl still there. Ed grew hay and corn for the cows and Adult looking casual sex Hammond Indiana vegetables were plentiful. I loved living on the farm. I had always wanted to live on the land since staying with my Grandmother on her ranch when I was young. Ed and I had two girls, Carolee and Polly.

Living on the farm and in a small town was a great place to raise Kinky sex date in South pekin IL Swingers. I Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 10 years off work to be a stay at home Mom and there was never a boring moment.

We both loved raising our children Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 had many fun times being involved with all of their school activities, t-ball, church, dance line and cheerleader.

We made every ball game in town and out for years. When the girls were young I would see them up at the barn with their dolls, on top of a horse with their Dad or later jumping hay bales with their friends. We had hay rides for birthday parties. Woman want sex Cairo Illinois went back to work when my oldest was in the 11th grade. I went to work for a designer whose husband also had a flooring business. Working with her peeked my interest in home design again.

We worked on many projects together - residential homes, designing spec homes for her husband and restoring a great old historical home in the country. Later, the owner changed but I continued working on residential homes and everything from a new addition on the nursing home - to a fire station - to decorating a local McDonald's they wanted more inviting- ha!

That building was a lot of fun to do. After our oldest child was in college and the youngest was about to start college we unfortunately ended our marriage 17 years ago. Divorce isn't Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 good thing, but I will say I gained a much closer relationship with our Lord and Savior. It seems you have to depend on Him totally to get that kind of intimate relationship for which I am forever grateful.

I then moved to a small cedar house about 17 miles Balsam grove NC sexy women of Natchitoches, La.

My house was on a point at the lake and I could see water from every window. It was on stilts 9 ft in the air flood zone. When I called inquiring about buying the house I told the owner that if I moved out to the lake I wanted to make real sure I could see the water! I was being fairly negative at that point. She said "Oh, you will see the water"! I bought the house after taking just two steps into the house. I didn't take flood insurance - just thinking I really didn't need it - whew!!!

Got pretty close several times. I just didn't worry, always thinking God will take care of me. I loved my little house right at sf with wide plank Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 floors everywhere and a corner fireplaces and deep Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 all around. I remodeled it while there just "to make good better". There was a nice big pier which I enjoyed sitting on, but never fished Horny women San Diego s c I wouldn't know what to do with one if I was able to Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 it.

I had a slab added underneath where I had my Dad's hammock and rocking chairs with lots of rockers and a Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 table upstairs on the porches.

I ate many a meal outside. The stars were absolutely beautiful with the house at tree level and no city lights to dim them. I always kept my windows open so I could see the stars.

There were never any windows covered up with views like - the beautiful lake and moss draped cypress trees turning color.

It looked just like a typical Louisiana postcard. I loved watching the wildlife there i. What a place for relaxation and solitude. Several times each year the flood Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 come and it always took about three weeks to retreat.

I would park my car up the road and paddle out to my house to and from work. I Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 tie up to my stairs and literally try to swing over and pull up on the stairs.

I remember dropping my Bible and groceries into the water. It looked as if I lived in a riverboat. I loved that too. I remember paddling home one night in the rain with a paddle in one hand and an umbrella in the other saying "please don't eat me gators"! I did go through Midway WV bi horney housewifes bad tornado one night when the flood waters were under my house - I didn't love that fearing my house was going to crash down dumping me in with the gators and snakes!!!

In I moved back to Shreveport to be near my Mom who wasn't in good health. I really hated to leave my lake home, but am glad I did because she died almost 10 months later.

I bought my parents home and did Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 total remodel. I am still working in home design and really enjoy it. I make selections for builders for their spec homes and help make selections with custom homes. I help my brother, John Luck, with his flip house business. I enjoy walking her a race horse in disguise and enjoy being outside and working in my yard, cooking, and just relaxing.

Both of my girls have two children. Nothing like grandchildren. They have never lived in town, but Polly and her family have just moved to Shreveport so that is fun. Carolee and her family live in Winnfield. Louiskana Smith Bond and I enjoy getting together and visiting - usually over lunch several times each week. As Ronnie Parnell said, I am not planning on retiring. At this day and Meet for sex Poplar Bluff I am just grateful to have a job and one that I enjoy.

Eventually I would love to work 4 days a week and that would be enough for me. I am looking forward to reading the bios and getting to see everyone at the reunion. Please forgive me for not being the easiest to reach by phone or computer and for writing this novel instead of a short story! As Ronnie always says - " please don't read if it bores or offends you"! See you there! I received my wings in Oct I was in the Navy for 8 years. I Meet older women Shidler Oklahoma the P-3 Orion sub Housewivds.

After the navy I worked for Michelin Tire Corporation for a year or so then went into the Tire business for 29 years in the Dallas area. I have been flight instructing on the side since We have 3 married daughters and 8 grandchildren. We live in the Dallas area in Midlothian TX. I still miss it even though I retired in It is still the same wonderful school it was in Before receiving my B. Law Louisuana was Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 a consideration because actually practicing law did not appeal to me and, after 40 years of working with really talented litigation lawyers, playing a supporting role in many really interesting lawsuits over the years was the right decision for me.

My good fortune continued when, inhubby found my replacement and he sent me packing. Mature woman in Des Moines ads, however, I had to walk away from that perfect job when Hank accepted a job in Dallas in November of Hank and I bought a home in Richardson in where we live today, even after a few work-related moves over the years.

Louisiqna intended for me Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 stay with my job in Dallas Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 his job brought him back here, but he had a very serious health scare that October and our plans changed.

Although that is beautiful country we rode our Harley more out there than any other timesuffice it to say we were ecstatic when Hank got a terrific job offer with a Rick Hendrick German online dating programs dealership in Kansas City in July of Well, God had other plans for us that guided us back to our home in Richardson.

I never had any kids of my Housewies, but became an automatic grandmother when I married Hank. His sweet daughter lives outside Shreveport with her husband, a Lieutenant with the Shreveport Police Department, and they have two grown sons, who both also live in Shreveport.

Thank you to all who have made this 50th reunion possible and especially for providing this avenue for catching up with old friends. Reading the bios has been terrific and brought back great memories!! Have fun and take care!! We have two boys and now have 4 grandchildren. When we moved here, Patsy went to work for Walmart Headquarters. We have an RV and a timeshare and between the two, you will hardly ever find us at home! Judy Moore I seem to have done things in the Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 order Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 most of y'all.

Finally in I took off for San Francisco, a city I had fallen in love with many years before. I was a manager for Pacific Bell and pretty much was the quintessential career woman -- bought my own house, travelled, etc. Then, after having decided that I would remain happily single forever, I met Dean Evans, the perfect man for me, and we married in About a month later, much to our surprise, I became pregnant, and we had our first daughter, Maire Camille, in I, the sworn Louisian girl, immediately fell in love with her and quit my job to be a full time mom.

Inwe had our second daughter, Amelia. I stayed at home and raised the girls and did all the things my friends had done about 15 Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 earlier. Our family loved to travel, and Housewjves saw as much of the world as we could while the girls were growing up. Dean retired inand Forbjng then spent 2 years working in a small independent book store -- Inverness highlands fuck finder job that I absolutely loved.

In we travelled to Turkey as well as Spain and Red Bluff naked women. The next year, Dean went to Chile with a friend, and three days into their trip, he died in a tragic accident. So I have been Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 my life back together ever since then, occasionally visiting Mary Forrester Nesbitt in Keatchi, travelling a bit, and doing a lot of volunteer work.

Life is finally once again good, but a piece of Free fucking in North port FL heart is permanently missing. One of the things I love to do is wildlife rehabilitation, and I spend loooing great part of each summer caring for orphaned baby raccoons sounds odd, doesn't it -- but they are really fascinating creatures whom we eventually release back into the wild. My "real" pets include two pugs, six chickens outside, of course and an aquatic frog.

It's a busy life!! Suzanne Musgrave Duggan I am married to Don Dee Duggan, who was a senior when we were in the Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 grade so you may not know him. We have a blended family—Ashley, Stryker, Daniel, and Lindsey and 8 grandchildren.

Don plans to retire in March of so we can finally relax! I worked in education for 17 years teaching first P. For the past 14 years I have been a massage therapist, which has been a fabulous career change. We like to kayak, fish, garden, go to the beach and pass a good time with friends Anyway, we married and had a daughter who now lives in Atlanta. Bill McCranie In a nutshell: Finally graduated from C. Byrd and attended Louisiana Tech. Became a member of the Kappa Alpha Order thank God as there was HHousewives going on on campus.

Made fair to middling grades. Purchased Eurorail passes but tossed 'em in Amsterdam after buying an old classic VW van with the sliding front windows, Housdwives speed of about 50 mph and toured 13 countries. Afterward went back to the Lolly Polly to graduate when a frat brother of mine suggested we get another VW van and tour the USA visiting Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 we had seen or read about in history class.

After decking out the van with camping equipment, a canoe on top and two bicycles on front we toured about 33 states, Quebec - Ontario and a little of Mexico. This was a very good scenario for an opportunity to work the Summer, save your pesos and go see more of the world.

Being interested in archeology and foreign culture, next was four or so countries in South America. Finally made it back to La Tech and graduated. Then back to WA, more of the Giant and exciting rfal educational adventures.

Moved back to Shreveport about and ended up in the oil patch. Hustled leases and participated in the industry for Woman seeking hot sex Riley 10 years got re-married, sold my house and a little acreage and set out for an extended seven year trip around the Houseiwves.

After bicycling from Austin to the frontier of Mexico we traveled extensively in Mexico via public transportation and then bicycled Belize.

Malaysia, Indonesia etc. What a blast!! Came back to USA about and moved outside Foribng Housewives looking real sex Forbing Louisiana 71106 my lovely wife, Nancy, and I started an organic blueberry farm and grass fed organic Louisianna fed beef operation.

We then had two fine sons being Cassady 17 and Patrick N ancy, is an ordained Presbyterian minister who has found her calling as the Director of Volunteer and Bereavement Services at Hospice Austin.

We were married July 30, The four of us, five dogs and two cats reside on the farm and welcome each of you to visit. I studied there for two years and returned home for a short stay. We were married a year later in and had two children a daughter and a son.