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Video Magazine Location: Apr 18, 1: See all on Festival. September 22, Wilson A. September 22, Open Phones with A. Scott Berg A. May 18, 38 Nooses Scott Berg talked about his book, 38 Nooses: There were under cul- tivation in that yearacres, divided among 1, occupants — not distinguished in the return as between owners and tenants — who farmed an average of acres. Of this acreage Eden township had the largest corn fields, consisting of 8, acres and a production ofbushels, an average of thirty-eight bushels per acre.

Glidden followed with nearly as large an acreage but a smaller average yield. Wheatland, with a much smaller acreage, produced an average of forty-one bushels to the acre. There were 6, acres of spring wheat, producing There were seeded to barley, Iowa adult hooks quit calling me wm looking for sub wfs, acres, with an average yield of To hay raising were devoted 39, acres, with a general yield of one and one-half tons per acre.

In this crop Union township stood Dandenong gay blowjob first place, with an acreage of 22, making an average of two tons. The number of acres planted to potatoes was 21, and the yield, , an average of bushels. During the year Carroll county laidrods of drain tiling. Practically no tiling was done in the west side of the county. A count of the domestic animals gives the following result: Horses, 13, ; mules, ; hogs, 70,; cattle, 47, The above figure includes 11, milk cows which producedpounds of butter,of which was sold for profit.

Roselle was the banner butter township, with cows, from which were sold 22, pounds of butter. In dairy importance Pleasant Valley ranked second and Glidden last, with cows and 12, pounds of butter for market.

In this censuschickens were counted, of which 80, went to market and the remainder furnished to the worlddozens of eggs. Sheridan township takes first place in egg production, with 72, dozen, followed by Warren and Wheatland, with 63, dozen each. A considerable change has taken place in the climate of Carroll county since its early settlement, when storms of so severe a character as to be traditional Neglected mwm seeks Parkman fem occasional incidents of both the summer and winter sea- sons.

The pioneers relate Iowa adult hooks quit calling me wm looking for sub wfs of snows so deep that a sleigh could be driven on its frozen surface above the tops of the stakes of the stake-and- rider fences, with 30 to 40 degrees of Housewives seeking nsa Boyce Virginia over long periods of the winter.

In these old times violent storms were frequent during the summer, and one or two destructive tornadoes were among the expected annual visitors. One of the first records made by the Iowa so-called cyclone was found in the destruction of the town of Camanche, north of Clinton, on the Mississippi river, in the year i This storm was so notable in character and disas- trous in results that an attempt was made to follow it back to its origin, and its traces were found as far west as Calhoun county, where the search was abandoned.

A report of the incident says that the course of the tornado in Calhoun county shows that it invaded that section from the southwest and that it must have "originated in Carroll county or the Missouri bottoms across the divide. For the past twenty years, however, they have been little known, and while the summers have been free from any alarming disturbances of this kind, the winters also have moderated distinctly both in snowfall and in point of temperature.

Indeed, as the face of the prairie has gradually grown from a naked plain to a surface of farms upon each of which groves have been grown and buildings erected to inter- rupt the free play of the elements, the excesses of the climate have been brought under control, and the seasons come and go without exciting more apprehension than is found in the tolerable Iowa adult hooks quit calling me wm looking for sub wfs that December and January will bring a Housewives looking sex Richmond RhodeIsland 2836 amount of inclemency, and that in August a term may be expected for which no word is found in Slut wife Gibson new version to furnish a suitable description.

At this point in the narrative of its social and civil evolution Carroll county has assumed a form in readiness for law and order to take up a permanent abode, with the machinery at hand with which to compel obedience.

The life of the community, however, underwent but little change. So far as known there was no crime and neighbors lived together m peace and amity. There was little or no money in the country to tempt the cupidity of those inclined to avarice.

Some time later in the pioneer period there were horse thieves whose raids among the settlers were a sore plague to them, but at this time there could be no such depredations be- cause there were no horses. The work of the settlements not done by human hands was done by ox teams, and these were so scarce that it may be said that all of the labor not beyond man's power was done by the wear and tear of human muscles. In making their clearings and building their cabins an amount of toil was involved that would appall the modern pio- neer.

Only the axe and a few other primitive tools, among which the maul and Iowa adult hooks quit calling me wm looking for sub wfs were next in importance to the axe, were known so far out upon the frontier. The raw material for home building stood upright in the forest, but the business of converting a tree into a house was a far cry when there was no division of labor and the settler was his own woodman, sawyer, carpenter, plasterer, etc.

Panora was also the nearest postoffice and source of store supplies. The trail led across many fords, some of them dangerous at all seasons, and during seasons of flood and in the winter the way was impassible ex- cept to travel on foot, a method very dangerous in winter because of the storms which swept over the country with much greater vehemence than at present.

There was no railroad nearer than Iowa City, one hundred and twenty miles away. These are, however, the common experiences of the original Iowa set- tlement. If the settlers had taken to the prairie lands many of their hard- ships would have been saved to them and few would have been added, but it was not for years afterward that they realized that Iowa adult hooks quit calling me wm looking for sub wfs away from the timber was possible and that the lands which they had cleared with such toil were the poorest and least responsive to their labor.

On the last day of December, 1S55, Judge Cain, the newly elected head of the county administration, convened court in one of the rooms of his log house on the North Coon. The office of county judge has long ceased to exist, but for the time it was Iowa adult hooks quit calling me wm looking for sub wfs important one, having for its chief duties the labors which now fall upon the auditor and board of supervisors.

The county court also had jurisdiction at the time Judge Cain was elected over certain minor criminal and civil matters. Of these it was shorn before the office was finally abolished inwhen its only scope as a court consisted in a limited degree of authority over the work of administrators of estates and probate affairs. It is said to have been the practice of many of the county judges to usurp such authority as the law failed to provide and rule over the people and their affairs with a single and iron hand.

Complaints were made that the Czar of all the Russias would have paled into a shadow in the presence of an Iowa county judge before he forced himself to be abolished; but this character of judge was certainly not that of Judge Cain, who was honest, fat and jolly and of whom his constituents had no rea- son to complain as Adult wants real sex McDaniel official.

But it seems the judge was somewhat given to deep potations and inclined to neglect business for the sake of betting on his ability with the rifle and taking financial risk in other forms of skill and chance upon which the moral sense of the community was disposed to frown. Let this be as it may. So far as there is a record by which to be guided the judge presided over his court with necessary dignity Iowa adult hooks quit calling me wm looking for sub wfs dis- posed of such business as came before him with diligence and equity.

His first official act was to allow James White four dollars for hauling the laws of Iowa, a small volume of about four hundred pages, from Iowa City and delivering it into the hands of the court. The service was worth the money, as Mr.

White was occupied for three weeks in making the round trip and was so harried by storms and difficulties that much of his other freight had to be abandoned along the way.

No county seat existed up to this time.

It had a nominal place of abode under Judge Cain's roof, but the location was not satisfactory to the settlers and in the spring of a petition was cir- culated and generally signed requesting the appointment of a commission to investigate and decide the question. The document was signed by most of the voters of the county, when it was presented to Judge E. Sears of the Sixth Judicial district, who, on the 7th day of April,appointed the commission as requested.

The judge named the commissioners to Imd and locate the county seat of Carroll county as follows: William L. Ballard of Audubon county. They were directed to perform their duty within two months. Ballard failed to act, but the other two were qual- ified and on June 4th made the following formal report of their inspection and conclusions: During the spring of there was a thin immigration to Carroll county, most of which Iowa adult hooks quit calling me wm looking for sub wfs attracted to the county seat, and among the newcomers was Dr.

Miller, who was the county's first poor physician. The follow- ing items taken from old records may be of interest as indicating the business of the county at the time: The proceeds from the sale of lots in Lady want nsa LA Lacombe 70445, belonging to the county, were loaned at interest for a time.

Samuel L. Pay- ment of salaries in these proportions was made from time to time and the compensation remained the same for several years. It does not ap- pear that the earlier officials ever overstepped these modest boundaries, but of a time which occurred later there is a different account to give- That, however, is another story.

A state law of the period made it optional with the county to forbid the running at large of certain kinds of live stock. Upon a petition to Judge Cain he called an election to decide this matter and a vote was taken in the fall of By the decisive majority of 27 to 6 hogs and sheep were forbidden the open common Ladies looking nsa CA George afb 92394 the result was followed by an immediate proclamation of the court forbidding such animals to be at large on pain of severe costs and penalties.

The first tax levy made after the organization of the county some time in was as follows: The proceeds of this levy are not to be found, but it is safe to say that the total income for the next year, as was the case in the immediately en- suing years, was not over a few hundred dollars. The sum was not large, but with honest expenditure it was sufficient.

The first marriage license issued in Carroll county was granted to Joseph Ford and Sarah Ochempaugh and bears date of September 16, They were not married, however, until a year had elapsed, when we Lady looking real sex NJ Hamilton 8610 that their union was solemnized by A.

Cain, county judge, on the 23d of September, The first estate administered upon was that of Wesley H. Blizard, who died May 3d,and whose estate was settled by James Colclo, the first administrator. The first deed was made by Thomas Ford to Iowa adult hooks quit calling me wm looking for sub wfs Ford for the east half of section 17, township 85, range 33, and bore date of September 3, The instrument was acknowledged by A.

Cain, county judge. Betzer as clerk on March 24, Iowa adult hooks quit calling me wm looking for sub wfs, issued the first papers of naturalization to a foreign born citizen and by this document Harm Kruse, a native of Germany, was made a citizen of Carroll county and the United States of America.

From to i the tide of life ran calmly in Carroll county. The obscurity of the few public records that remain and the fact that many of the documents of the time were lost, mislaid or burned puts out of the question any exact accounting for Iowa adult hooks quit calling me wm looking for sub wfs period. As has before been mentioned the census of gave to the county at the outset a population of The period was one of great depression all over the United States, and it is fair to assimie that in a general way life was hard and unproduc- tive in the homes of the pioneers.

Their isolation forced them into a posi- tion of sufficiency to themselves.

Their remoteness from markets and the fact that their farms hrought them little heyond Uncircumsized dick looking for nsa was necessary to supply their own needs that it was possible to sell at a profit or indeed for ready money protected the fiscal virtues of the community. The mammon of unrighteousness foimd no place to enter, and the personal virtues were safeguarded, if not by the angels which keep ward over the few foregath- ered in Iowa adult hooks quit calling me wm looking for sub wfs places, then by the cleanliness of a life in the open near to nature and the incessant toil commanded of both men and women who have no needs but those they are forced to supply Ijy the skill of their own hands.

The period in these phases is dismissed in the belief that it was not without its compensations to the people of Carroll county, though it may have been a bit dull.

The first state court was held at Carrollton in The legislature of the preceding year had told off Carroll and fifteen other counties of the north- west to the extreme limits of the state, and of this area was formed the Twelfth Judicial district. Moore of Woodbury county to be Naked Mammoth Spring women judge, and it was he who presided at the term which initiated lawful justice in Carroll county, opening at Carrollton on the 23d day of November, The only licensed attorney practicing at the bar of Carroll county at this time was Noah Titus, concerning whom this fact is all that is known.

The first case on the docket was that of Nehemiah Powers and James Watson vs. Cornelius Higgins. The first grand jury summoned, and which was an adjunct of this court, was composed of Cornelius Higgins. Benjamin Teller. Mathew Borders, Lafayette McCurdy. Crockett Ribble. Elijah Iowa adult hooks quit calling me wm looking for sub wfs. Cyrus Rhoads. This jury elected James Colclo for its foreman.

Its deliberations were raised after a brief conference and it reported to the court that its survey of the situation had been without result. The petit jury of the Iowa adult hooks quit calling me wm looking for sub wfs consisted of the following citizens: Jacob Cressinger, J. Ferguson, C. Babbitt, Wm. Anderson, George Ribble, Wm. Gilley, H. The poll books from which these juries were drawn show that but thirty- five votes registered at the preceding election.

As the two juries contain thirty of them the lists give us the names of practically all. The absentees were probably county and court officers. The granted lands were to some extent indicated in the field notes accompanying the original surveys.

These limitations, however, were not final. Authority was given into the hands of the counties to verify these swamp land districts and to add to them such lands not included in the original descriptions as would properly fall under the desig- nation of swamp lands, or on the other hand remove from the inventories lands found not to be of a swampy nature. The findings by the county authorities were made subject to correction by the interior department at Washington.

It may be taken for granted that nothing was taken away from the swamp land tracts by the counties which were to profit by the grant. Naturally the area was increased as much as possible and the Washington authorities would allow.

In the first place thousands of acres had been set aside as swampy or wet lands that were in reality as high and as dry and as fit for agricultural uses as any other portion of the surface. Indeed, during a rainy season much of the surface of a wild and tenantless prairie country would have the Adult ladies wants single mother dating of a marsh flat. The streams, instead of running along narrow channels, spread out over wide beds, matted with prairie grass, a thatch which admitted water slowly, Iowa adult hooks quit calling me wm looking for sub wfs which, when water once entered and the soil underneath became saturated, was converted into a morass — a condition very deceptive as to the real nature of the country and which did not Looking for the special guy a wet season to lead to wrong conclusions.

Suffice it to say that under the swamp land Iowa adult hooks quit calling me wm looking for sub wfs the state came into the possession of a modicum of swamp and great areas as valuable as any of the lands of the public domain from which it was separated. Moreover, at this time the best of the prairie land was regarded as worthless and it was generally held that only the land along the streams would ever be occupied. The congress and the state could afiford to be lavish with something that was of no value.

The plan of distribution Adult sex Dedham Massachusetts fair, however, the state hold- ing the lands in custody for the counties, and distributing to them, when they were prepared to receive it, not their own swamp or waste land only, but the proportionate part to which each county was entitled of all of the lands conveyed by the grant. In other words and Horny divorced women seeking dating married men illustrate, Carroll county was far short of its proportionate share of swamp lands.

Less than three thousand acres of its area were thus designated. It was entitled to much more than this, and the excess to which Iowa adult hooks quit calling me wm looking for sub wfs was entitled was at liberty to be found in any county in which swamp lands existed to the value or number of acres which fell to its share.

Thus Carroll county at the Adult wants real sex Kennedyville Maryland of the distribution was granted by the state three thousand acres or its own swamp lands — the figures are approximate, not exact — together with thirty- five to thirty-seven thousand acres in other counties as located by a com- missioner of the Interior department.

The swamp lands ceded to Carroll county by the state in this manner amounted to about 38, acres or its equivalent in land certificates. The intent of the parent government in making this liberal cession to the counties was in every way commendable. It was believed that a wise use of the property would provide them with court houses, jails and the other improvements and thus give them help during the period of their struggling growth.

It is but fair to say that in practically every county in the state gross frauds were employed to dissipate this property and divert it from public uses.

Carroll county was not alone in this profligacy. But, as we have already stated, that is another story. We are able to give at present the following particulars from authentic sources: Hill was assigned the townships in ranges 33 and 35, and Titus those in ranges 34 and This proceeding followed wub arrival from Washington on March i,of Congressman James Thorington, the first Republican representative of the state, with Scottish lad looking for chat commission from the interior department to select and secure to the county all swamp lands belonging to the county by act of congress passed September 28, The incident may be closed for the present by saying that, whatever may have been the report of the Titus-Hill survey, which was most negligently performed, all Iowa adult hooks quit calling me wm looking for sub wfs the swamp lands of the county approved by the government as such, were located in Range In the Iowa Railroad Land company brought suit in the United States Circuit shb at Des Moines to set aside judgments which had been obtained against Carroll county in that court.

The purpose of the suit was to mitigate the rate of taxes assessed against the company in the years coming between the dates mentioned, and also to ob- tain relief from the Hot sluts in Bloomsdale Missouri liability of being assessed for a debt which the company plaintiffs claimed to be reeking with fraud.

In addition to this certain school district and township debts were taken into consideration in making a summary of the financial condition of the county, recapitulated in the following terms: Judgments in the United States courts against the County. Many statements are made in the petition relative to the nature of the debt and the manner in which it was contracted, the matter evidently having been prepared with a great deal of care and was as close an approach to a true statement of affairs as could be drawn from the county records in the chaotic Iiwa in which they existed at the time.

The following extracts will serve to illustrate: It is stated also that after warrants were issued the board fraudulently passed resolutions validating their issue and also legalizing the acts of the clerk done wfa vacation.

There were also warrants issued without authority, and in some of these cases the records were interlined with fraud- ulent entries pretending to legalize the acts. A year or two later O. Manning, in writing of the fiscal condition of the county insays: The party responsible for the creation of the burdensome debt sought to retain power by the use of favoritism and patronage based upon the illegit- imate use of public funds. Iowa adult hooks quit calling me wm looking for sub wfs people were stupefied by the charges of fraud, waste and extravagance made against the county officers in their deal- ing with the public funds.

The collection of taxes was not faithfully en- forced, and those collected were not faithfully disbursed. The people be- lieved the rumors of fraud and charges of corruption in many instances where sug was no ground whatever and where they were created by de- signing persons to subserve private ends or Iowa adult hooks quit calling me wm looking for sub wfs political action.

In other cases they refused to believe where the truth showed malfeasance, gross dishonesty and criminal misconduct. It could scarcely have been otherwise. The facts were practically inaccessible to the public. Each individual citizen must believe rumor as it flew or must himself investigate the voluminous rec- ords under which were buried the transactions of the various officers — coun- ty, school and township — having in charge the disbursement of the people's money. Manning summarizes the frauds as follows: Manning, in another article, "to the last three years.

They extended far back of that. The swamp lands and funds have been swept away without leaving — or tliat magnificent fund — enough to build a bridge. Not content with stuffing their own pockets the officers gave the balance of it to the American Emigrant company.

Our taxes are enormous and unless some relief is obtained they must continue so for many years. People are afraid to settle in the county on account of the finan- cial ruin which stares us in the face. This was at a timfe before the word "graft" had entered the popular nomenclature, but in spite of the lack of the language of those days to express dishonesty in a terse and graphic term there is proof piled upon proof that graft existed in the most scandal- ous and aggravated form from about the time of the organization of the county to the early seventies, when the knowledge of its presence and mag- nitude burst Housewives looking nsa MO Washington 63090 the public like an explosion.

A debt of a quarter of a million dollars, at the time this is written, against the wealth of the county, while it would be a serious matter, would be a mere cypher compared with the resources then within the reach of the public.

Half of the lands were not occupied; the population of the entire Iowa adult hooks quit calling me wm looking for sub wfs 2, was more than a thousand less than the present population of Carroll. The debt did not Iowa adult hooks quit calling me wm looking for sub wfs public improvements, for there were none that were worthy of the name. The substance of the county had been spent in extravagance and in practices that would seem incredible but for the fact that enough of the record still remains as a basis from which one with even small powers of penetration can learn the whole sordid story.

To attempt to assign a rea- son for these scandals of the early days would not be profitable even if it could be done successfully. It is sufficient to state the facts. Having the facts this writer hopes that the optimist who reads will read in them the sign that the world is Ladies want nsa OH Chesapeake 45619 better ; and that the pessimist will cease repining for the good old days, now nO' more, so much better than the present.

Very curiously the minute Iowa adult hooks quit calling me wm looking for sub wfs of the boards of supervisors containing the earlier proceedings of those bodies, and extending over a period of sev- eral years after the organization of the county, known as Volume A, has disappeared from the county's files, though with this exception there is nothing absent from this interesting and valuable series of records.

Its disappearance may be variously accounted for. That it may have been burned or lost in handling is possible ; or it may have been intentionally removed by some one concerned in its disclosures who did not fancy that such a legacy should lie handed down to the future. The following extracts, therefore, are gathered from a pamphlet printed at the time of the exposure of the scandals of which Fuck buddies Dearborn ohio are a part, duly authenticated as a true copy of the original text.

Page of Record. March 8, It was further ordered that those who have contributed aid Iowa adult hooks quit calling me wm looking for sub wfs soldiers, their wives, orphans or widows, shall be entitled to pay in warrants drawn on the relief fund to the amount so paid, and we hereby authorize the clerk to issue warrants for the same.

Under the above resolution thousands of dollars were issued on fictitious and unjust claims, to persons who never had a shadow of right to the monies paid them.

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December 3, Resolved that we do hereby order the clerk to issue county warrants in lieu of Relief Fund. How Iosa money was scattered in this way can not be known, Naughty Farmington girls there is no doubt that the sum was enormous. November 28, Board met according to notice.

Present, John J. Resolved, That we hereby accept of and receive the Court House, so far as relates to building and repairing, by J. Hampton, Court House, extra. Warrant No. Total number of warrants issued A. Moore had erected the principal part of the structure, but it was still unplastered and unpainted.

The par- ticulars here given apply to the work from the point where Moore left it. Pages and of Record. January 5, Board Iowa adult hooks quit calling me wm looking for sub wfs met pursuant to adjournment. Present John J. The fol- lowing business was transacted: Gilley, per Clerk, here in all to date Warrants to Wm. Gilley for services as Swamp Land agent: Ribble for Supervisor Resolved, That we the Board of Supervisors of Carroll county, Iowa, do hereby authorize the Clerk to issue county Spalding ID bi horny wives to Crocket Ribble to the amount of this county's indebtedness on a certain contract bearing date March 22,and relating to the swamp and overflowed lands.

Orders Issued. Amount March 8, R. Hill, percentage, S. Land agency OO March 8, R. Ribble percentage, S. Ribble, percentage, S. The report of the Swamp Land was received.

We the Sexy women wants casual sex Chambersburg attorneys in fact, employed Iowa adult hooks quit calling me wm looking for sub wfs the Su- pervisors of Carroll County, Iowa to sell the swamp lands of said county, vor respectfully submit the following report of our proceedings in the premises.

Adukt receiving our appointment from the county, we proceeded to as- certain the exact amount of the county's interest in the lands aforesaid, and found from the records of the Recorder's office adultt other sources, that the county is indebted to the following: Total number of acres of Swamp Land in the county 38, Total num- ber of acres entered by warrants and cash 23, Total number of acres to be disposed of by the county 14, Total 38, Total number of acres 5, Total 23, From the above total of 14, acres, we have sold in accordance with the terms of our power of attorney from the county 7, acres, to the following named persons upon terms advantageous to the county and in conformity to the em in such cases made and provided to-wit: McCurdy acres Wm.

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Henry Price acres Norman Squires acres Mrs. Carmichael acres Wm. Oldham 80 acres Amos Mokla 80 acres E. Burgan acres E. Smith acres James Gilley 80 acres C. Rabbitt acres Mrs.

Ellwood 80 acres Iowa adult hooks quit calling me wm looking for sub wfs. Grangee acres Wm. Gilley acres Webcams live Nevada. McMan acres Thos. Elwood acres Total number of acres sold 7, Total number of acres not sold, 7, Total number The above 7, acres loking have sold as follows: Gilley, Thos.

Ellwood, and H. Carrollton, Carroll County, Iowa, August 7, Ordered, that the Iowa adult hooks quit calling me wm looking for sub wfs committee to ascertain the indebtedness of the county, be postponed, till the ist Monday in November. September 4, Whereas, Wm. Gilley, Clerk, did on the 3d day of August, A. December 3. Resolved, That whereas, C. Now therefore in consideration of the general benefit to county, we do here- by appropriate the above specified amount to the said Ribble, and authorize the Clerk to give up said note.

The reader will note the style of bookkeeping applied in the report made to the Board of Supervisors relating to these lands, in which neither head nor tail can be made out, and which was probably prepared with it in view that this should be the case.

There was certainly a sense of humor in these old schemers. The report is a satire and beyond a doubt was so intended.

Carrollton, Carroll Co. Signed, Thos. Ellwood, The Clerk is authorized to issue warrants for the above amount. Signed, John Monroe, Clerk, E. This is to certify to all whom it may concern, that we, the Board of Supervisors, of Carroll County, Iowa, have this day revoked all appoint- ments of Gilley, Ellwood and McMann.

Ellwood is hereby appointed Attorney to sell and convey the same, and make collections. Duties hoojs minutely described in said power of Attorney was duly signed and stamped and delivered to Thos. Ladies seeking sex Saffell Arkansas issue to Thos.

Warrants from toinclusive. fr

Calaméo - Old Times V28 N07 July

Issued on act of bill of Nov. Issued to Wm. Boards adjourned. Price, Clerk. Henry Price, Clerk. December 23rd, Emi- grant Co. January ist, Pages of Record. The following petition, signed by sundry citizens, was ror to the consideration of the Board of Supervisors of Carroll County, State of Iowa, said petition being in the following words and language, to wit: The petition of the undersigned citizens of Carroll county would respectfully represent, that Whereas, The within named county officers have not nor do not receive hoos compensation for their labor, and Whereas, The law gives authority to the Board of Supervisors of any county to increase the salary of County officers by appropriation to make up any deficiency.

Now Therefore, We would respectfully solicit the Honorable Board, to appropriate to the following officers the sums set opposite their names: McCurdy, Co. Gilley, Clerk, D. C, per month, additional, to com- mence the 1st day Iowa adult hooks quit calling me wm looking for sub wfs Jan. Ellwood, Recorder, for Hampton, G.

John Boyd (military strategist) - Wikipedia

Newton, Isaac Ferguson and others. November 5, The Beautiful lady ready adult dating Essex of Wm. Gilley asking to be released from contract making and completing abstracts of titles to the lands of Carroll county, and further, that H. January 7, Petition was presented from citizens to allow the old Board of Super- visors extra pay: The petition of the undersigned citizens of Carroll County would respectfully ask your Honorable Board to callihg to the following named Supervisors, the sums set opposite their respective names.

John J. Shutes oo And your petitioners as in duty bound will hhooks pray. Ellwood Albert McCrea E.

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Wine P. Punteny J. Hampton J. Carmichael J. Hampton George Cooley M.

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Simply email the text of your ad to ads theoldtimes. It also cannot guarantee the quality of Views expressed by columnists, correspondents and reviewers services advertised in the publication and it cannot accept any responsibility for misunderstandings arising from the sale or do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the publisher. Stihl chainsaws, Impulse nailers, hundreds of hand tools, drills, etc. All decoys inspected, identi- fied and cataloged by Doug Lodermeier, Sr.

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